Nagarjunas balancing act at press-meet of Payanam


Nagarjuna the Tollywood star was in Chennai recently promoting his bilingual Paayanam He has a respectable fan base in Chennai too as you know. We caught up with the actor for an interview after the Payanam Press meet this is what he had to say.

Sir what made you decide to opt for this movie, it surely seems like an offbeat venture for you isn’t it?

Many people exclaim that this is a different film for me but I’ve done films across genres in my 25 years you know. More than the fact that this film was ‘different’, I saw Radha Mohan’s earlier films and I wanted to work with him. Then there is Prakash Raj who is producing it. These two have carved a niche audience for themselves. Although I must tell you, I can’t keep doing the kind of movies I’ve been doing, though I would like to. I have to change my strategy at some point.

Could you give us pep up on your character in the movie?

I’m playing an NSG commando. The film deals with the emotions that I go through during the period of hijack. I play a commando who is angry at the fact that the commandos are sacrificing their lives to capture terrorists but the government is ready to release terrorists for the safety of the passengers. It’s a film in which everybody is right and everybody is wrong. Radha Mohan and Prakash had done so much research. They had spoken to army officers and had everything about the role on paper how commandos behave and dress. The film turned out to be one of the easiest I have worked in.

Why don’t we see much of you in Tamil films?

I am happy with my stint in Tollywood. To be able to do Tamil films more often, I’ll have to shift to Chennai which I just can’t. As you know Telugu is my mother tongue and all my family and friends are in Hyderabad. But I’m open to doing good films in Tamil on and off. I could come, do my bit and go back.

Which cinema due you conside to be the best in the country

‘Tamil cinema’ undoubtedly,(laughs), if you had the same question been put to me while in Hyderabad, his answer would have been ‘Telugu cinema’!

We are sure you have come back and your fanbase in Chennai too keeps you back for more.

I hope so too.

We concluded thereafter wishing him good luck for his new release .


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