Mysskin shares his moment with Rajinikanth and Shankar


Whenever Mysskin releases a movie these days he really knows what he will get even before people try to make a first comment on his movie, such is his place in the hearts of cinema goers who say he is a genius and speaks from his heart, won’t you agree? Recently we caught up with him for a little chit chat .We bring you an excerpt from the interview.

Nandhala and Yuddham Sei have made to into everyone’s heart we hear you are working on another Tamil flick and Hindi movie with John Abraham? What is the secret behind your success Sir? Young filmmakers will surely this.

You know those who love my movies are really the genuine lovers of cinema. They saw my movies and honestly looking at the feedback I can’ t tell if it was the A,B or C centers that really loved my movies the most as the equation was well distributed amongst all of them. The thing is I don’t really make movies with heroes or comedy tracks for that matter a song and dance routine but still I have fans that don’t care about such things and come to the theaters to watch pure movies. Tamil cinema has reached new heights in the last few months and I am glad to be a part of it.

That is true Sir; a genuine cinema lover really loves the story more than anything else. So, could we know a bit about your fascination for dark themes? Do you think that it is your comfortable zone where you feel open to voice out your messages?

Ah! no nothing like a comfort zone.All I really want from my movies is engagement from the audience who have come to enjoy and take back an experience as they go back home. I don’t really want to give out messages or preach something to them simply put my job is to entertain and at the same time bring into light the plight of people in the society.I am so happy to do this.

Wow! Yuddham Sei has done well at the box office and you have received so many praises from well known personalities any memories you cherish that are really close to your heart?We know it is personal but would you like to share a moment with us?

Certainly, Rajinikanth called me to congratulate me on my movie that was one instance but my personal favorite would be Shankar’s call. He spoke to me for such a long time , I think we chatted for about an hour. He told me about some scenes that he really liked and also about the ones he thought could have been done better, it was really touching of him to call me.He told me that I should stick to the path that I had chosen in the industry. He didn’t have to call or wish me, but he still did. Taking out time to really appreciate my effort is something special, he is a busy man. That day he really spoke what his heart said. I appreciate it totally.

Wow, awesome that surely is special, being congratulated by your contemporaries within the industry is surely different. So what plans now, could you elaborate a little on your upcoming projects before you leave Sir?

Well, I am really excited for my debut movie in Bollywood, it is going to be a movie that will take into account the issues that concern India and Pakistan and yes please don’t take it to be another movie with armies fighting for land and pride it is  not military-based.

So what is the movie about Sir? Have you finalized the cast for the movie?

We are planning to do a movie that records the events occurring in just 12 hours. We required 2 pivotal roles to be played . John Abraham will be doing one of them and we are in search for the second hero. Moreover, I also plan to start work on Mugamoodi with Arya.

So which one will be shot first Sir?

That is something I can’t tell as of now.As the month ends,  things will be a bit more clear and I will then be in a position to tell you . Goodbye for now.

Thank you sir.

Our best wishes for your efforts, we hope you do ample damage at the box office again in the days to come.

Bollywood watch out a kollyman is near!



  1. Sasi Nair


    You’re one of my favorite filmmakers in Tamildom. Your anger can well be documented in a “political satire” genre. Why there are no films based on corrupt politics nowadays?

    In the flow of prosperity, people forget about the system and people who spoil it. Be it, CBI, Election Commission, Judiciary, Income Tax, Police, none of these departments function as they are meant to be. These departments have become a tool for either central or state power to manouver the political situations.

    Every one is behind money which is not accountable. People like you, Gautam, ARM, Lingusamy, Cheran should document this nonsense and show to our generations. Cinema is one of the ways to reflect society and societal atrocity in future.

    Expecting a rib-tickling political satire from you. I’d suggesst you to remake your tamil in Hindi than directly hitting it as the milieu is different for a southern filmmaker.

    Good luck!

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