Madhavan from Vettai

Madhavan talks on Vettai interview

Madhavan from Vettai

Madhavan is back from Dubai and has been busy with the promotions of Vettai, awaiting its release on Pongal day. The tickets for the movie are up for sale, with counters welcoming huge queues today morning. We caught up with the Vettai hero for a free wheeling chat. Here is an excerpt from the same.

Good morning Madhavan you look dashing as ever.
Dubai was a grand experience wasn’t it?

 Thank you. Oh yes, I love spending time with my family.

 Who doesn’t? Your smile says it all. So, we remember the last time you were with us you mentioned that you were waiting for a good script, did you think Vettai was the movie that you waited for so long?

Initially I was going through some complications with my knee, when Lingu approached I was really not ready for the role. As he narrated the story just listening to the first 10 minutes I knew it was a good script. It was so nice of him to wait for me till I was fine and ready for shoot.

Indeed, that is really nice of him. How was it working alongside Arya?

Well, excited to say the least. I was not surprised when Lingu told me that Arya will play my brother. We too have always shared a great rapport with each other.

How has Arya been on the sets?

Enthusiastic, we already know each other well. He is a live wire, frank, focused, hard working and above all a good friend off the sets too. I am going to miss him and the Vettai unit.

So would you share with us your personal opinion on the movie?

It is a racy entertainer. I am certain that it will be a heart-warming film with all the masala of commercial cinema served hot. Haha.

Well said, we can imagine what you meant and what about Sameera and Amala?

The beauties Amala and Sameera were awesome. Amala is a very promising actress, definitely she can go places if she chooses her projects correctly. On the other hand Sameera has a well-written role.

Sounds good, but still doing a mass commercial film you must have thought hard before you signed the movie? 

Thanks to Lingusamy, and our collaboration in Run it put me to ease. It is different than the normal commercial flicks where the protagonist has to run fight and kill someone to win it all. 

Any new Tamil movies on your list?

Right now, I’ve just finished a Bollywood project Jodi Breakers with Bipasha and the promotion of the film are on. A biography of the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan is up next, that’s a Hollywood release.

Wow, so Hollywood has finally arrived for our Maddy. Thanks a lot for spending your precious time with us. We wish you all the success with Vettai and your Hollywood project.


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