Madhavan still cant stay away from playing romantic roles

Drenched in chocolate Madhavan
Drenched in chocolate Madh

Chocolate boy is the most appropriate term many would associate Madhavan quite often. Well, he is finding it hard to digest that anymore as he seems a bit amused on still getting roles where he needs to don the same. In an exclusive interview to Kollytalk he reveals more as he gears up for ‘Tanu Weds Manu’.

So Maddy would you say you are still carrying over your romantic image to the screens again in you next Bollywood flick?

You know something I really don’t remember Rehna, I think it was 10 years back that is a longtime. I am doing romantic movies now still at the age of 40, now that is something which I go back and think sometimes. Despite the time that has passed by seems like fans can only accept me in a romantic role.

Could you brief a bit about your character?

I play Manoj Sharma a.k.a. Manu. He is a smart, intelligent, but a shy NRI and most importantly a good husband.

So was Manu really a natural choice for you or was it otherwise?

Haha. To tell you the truth the character is strong yet silent and has a very distinct style that I needed to understand. It was a challenge as something’s did not really fall in my style of acting.

How was it working alongside Bollywood biggie Aamir Khan , tell us about it?

I just have a thing for taking it one film at a time. With Aamir Khan I am analyzing the film’s market value and exactly weighing how much of it could be at risk.

Anything you would like to tell your fans before we conclude.

Support my movie, do watch it. Thank you

Thank you for you time.

The film will release this Friday we wish you the best at the box office Manu.


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