Madhavan on choosing good scripts Interview

Madhavan, on choosing good scripts – Interview

Madhavan on choosing good scripts Interview

Madhavan entered the Tamil film industry in the mid-’90s. Now 41, here is an actor who has kept the enigma going strong. Surprisingly the industry still looks at him as a newcomer working hard to make it as a hero. As a matter of fact prominent directors are still knocking his door for permission to caste him as a chocolate boy in their next production. We caught up with the man himself; here is an excerpt from the same interview.

A good morning to you sir, you know you still look dashing never mind the weight gain.


Haha. Thank you, thank you.


First question of the day straight away, a request from fans who want to know you a little bit closer.


No naughty questions.

You can trust us on that. So, tell us did you always dream of being an actor one day?

Well at times I look at Sarita (wife) and tell her, “how did this happen? I never planned to be an actor, I have never gone to a producer or granted and accepted favors, and look here I am enjoying every bit of it. “


Sweet, so you have been performing in Bollywood and Kollywood simultaneously how do you adapt so easily between the two industries.

Although belonging to a family based in South India, I grew up in the northern part of the country, Bihar to be precise. So it was easy to understand the language and get along with people be it north or south. Fortunately for me, being a Tamilian there were already stalwarts from the industry who had made goodwill for some one like me to enjoy. It is always comforting.

Thanks to the legends of Kollywood we are sure their blessings are with you, we observed that you have been quite choosy when it comes to doing a movie; a conscious effort totally isn’t it?

Certainly it’s a very conscious decision, I do one film a year and that is perfectly fine with me. This year itself I have done two films Vettai in Tamil, which by god’s grace has done very well, followed by another Bollywood movie. Well, I don’t think that piling up projects will help me being a better actor. The projects I take up I make it a point to serve them to the best of my talent. The feeling is similar to going to a temple. I can’t be hopping from one film set to another.

When you look back at your profile what do you feel has evolved as your strength?

Well as an artist I certainly feel I have come a long way. I am more confident with my screenplay selection and my performances. I think I understand the ability to get the screenplay right. I think I have cultivated these attributes only because of my association with big directors.

So you think it would be great to have a six pack?

I am content with my family pack. Haha, well, if I get a film where I have to look lean and nasty, and boast a six-pack I know I can have the best physique in the industry.


That was a serious warning!

Well, I need a good script to do justice to my talent and that is most often hard to come by. The rest will follow.


Thank you for a great time, our best wishes for your future ventures.


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