Lakshmy : It isn’t about romance or revenge – Aarohanam Interview


South Indian actress Lakshmi Ramakrishnan has been part of 30 films and currently part of a Tamil serial titled Aval. Amidst all these engagements she has spared time and directed her own movie Aarohanam. Although completed with a low budget of just Rs.33.5 lakh, it seems the figures have done more harm to the movie than good.

Ma’am we want to congratulate you on the successful completion of your movie. Could you tell us a bit about it?

First of all thanks for the compliment, it is not only my movie my team includes Jayaprakash, Viji Chandrasekhar, Kavithalaya Krishnan, Uma Padmanabhan, Rajee Vijayasarathy and Sampath Raj.
It is about someone I have met in real life.

Oh sounds good, we heard that the protagonist in your movie is based around the character of a free spirited woman. Although other industries have accepted women centric movies do you think the audience here is ready accept otherwise?


You heard it right, well I think content is king be it any language. I strongly believe that people are waiting for new experiences. Just to give you a teaser it is not a love and revenge story.

Definitely, so it isn’t about romance or revenge?

It is based around a 17-year-old boy and his sister’s search for their missing mother.

Interesting, the movie if we are correct ma’am was supposed to release by July 27, any reasons for the delay, we must mention the fact that it also had an endorsement from K. Balachander himself isn’t it?

Yes, Balachander Sir has been kind enough and very supportive throughout. The movie is actually with J. Satish Kumar of JSK Film Corporation he will confirm the dates soon. We are aiming for a limited release of 45 to 60 screens.

So with a movie under the belt what would you like to tell the budding directors of Tamil cinema in this digital age. We would like to hear about your experience in detail ma’am since your movie has been shot digitally.

Although it was a win-win situation as a business deal I found it really hard to sell it as the budget seemed very less for some of the buyers. I think the money game will go for a toss in the coming times once the satellite business opens up to innovative ventures. So watch out. My advice is to just make good movies, that is the only thing that will be with you after everything has past by.

So true, ma’am you are a mother of three, it is remarkable how you multitask, any tips?

Haha, it is nothing, all this is only because of my family. They have played their silent parts behind the scenes, my husband took charge of the house chores. My second daughter handled the production and assisted me. As you know my eldest is the producer of ‘Aarohanam’ and my little one was always there with her little contributions.

Wow with a family behind you for support it must have been so much more fun. It is wonderful to witness such an effort. Our best wishes to your crew and especially your three beautiful daughters, this movie will surely be the talk of the town in sometime from now.


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