Lakshmi Rai on Irumbukottai Murattu Singam

Lakshmi rai Irumbukottai Murattu Singam

Lakshmi rai  starring Irumbukottai Murattu Singam  hit the screens today.

The extremely atttractive Lakshmi Rai is eagerly awaiting audience reaction to her character Pakki in this Simbudevan-directed cowboy film. In an interview, the actress talks about her experience working in the film and how a horse became a close friend during the shoot…

Simbhudevan’s research brings freshness to Irumbukottai Murattu Singam 
A cowboy film is being made in Kollywood after a very long time and I’m sure audiences will find our film refreshing. Many interesting characters feature in it; I’m glad to be associated with such a project. Personally, the film was a beautiful journey from start to the end. Actually, I wasn’t really sure how it would do at the box office when I first heard the script. But, the research that director Simbhudevan had done on the subject assured me that it would turn out to be very interesting and fresh.

On Your Character Pakki
I love my character (Pakki) in this film; she matches my off-screen personality a lot. I don’t talk much in the film as a lot revolves around my looks and style.

On your experience with Horse Riding
One of the best things about IKMS was that I learnt horse riding. I know that it looks easy but horse riding involves a lot of training and hard work. I didn’t want to use a dupe for my sequences and so decided to put in effort and learn it. After every day’s shoot, I sat with the trainer and learnt how to handle a horse. A lot depends on how well a rider understands his/her horse. I got very friendly with Milky, a pure white beauty with wonderful cat eyes. Of course, I did fall down a couple of times while learning, but now I’m confident that I can ride any horse.

Too Many starrer doubts
Yes, there are a lot of people in the film but I was quite sure from the beginning about Pakki and how important she was to the script. Whenever I’ve done multi-starrer flicks, I’ve made sure that I pick up roles that offer scope for performance. My character in Dhaam Dhoom, which was a multi-starrer, still remains in the minds of people.

The recent news of Dhoni-Asin connection
If they are friends, it could be true that Dhoni watched the IPL semi-final at Asin’s house. Dhoni is a very friendly person and has many friends… so it’s nothing wrong if Asin is also his friend.


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