KV Anand plans a super sequence for KO promos

KV Anand
KV Anand

After launching the audio for KO, which is all set to release in April amidst a frenzied crowd of photo journalist, KV Anand has now extended his collaboration with them to a new level asking them to submit their best entries that could make it as a part of the promotional sequence for his movie. Here is an excerpt from the interview,


We really like the out of the box thinking you bring along with your promotions in your project Sir.

Thank you .As the movie revolves around a pivotal character of a photo journalist I am trying my best to setup a platform for the audience where they get a taste of the theme prior to the release. Hopefully the photos will do their job.
Sounds wonderful.So sir how long will this sequence be?

I suppose about three and-a-half minutes, I already have around 100 photos and everyday photographers are sending me some awesome  pictures.Let us see how many we can fit in.


Could you please update us on the post-production of Ko?

Well the re-recording and final sound-mixing is in progress.


So sir how has it been working alongside Harris, some songs are doing so well in the music charts that is good news isn’t it?

Definitely.Harris doesn’t really abide by strict deadlines .You know, it is not like he guarantees you a number of songs in a set number of days. He works at his own pace and is comfortable working that way . For example for Venpaniyae we went to Harbin, the north-eastern part of China, bordered by Mongolia. The ambience was the main factor that brought out the beauty in the music, have you heard it?

Yes sir it really introduces a good eastern sound in , what more can we say about the singers in the songs they are living legends of their times. So sir what is it behind naming it KO we still haven’t figured that name yet?

Ko in Tamil means ‘King’. Ilango and Kaviko does it ring a bell? Haha. Actually I find it attractive and it sounds different. Ayan and Maatran are also some titles I am really proud of.


Oh! sounds cool. You have involved with capturing 10 chief ministers such as M Karunanidhi, J Jayalalithaa,Janaki Ramachandran, Devilal with your lens .Do you also plan to return to photography  sometime soon ?

Definitely after Maatraan it really helps you in the long run.I have used the Phantom Flex camera which was apparently first used for ‘Spiderman’.

Wow. Thank you for a great time sir we hope to get back soon, have a great time till then. We wish you success for your movie sir.


We leave you with what Harris Jayaraj had to say for the movie,

Saw the movie double positive of the film ‘Ko’ and its background score. KV Anand and Suba have done a brilliant job. Kudos to you guys. It was indeed encouraging.


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