Kushboo Meets the Press after the Supreme Court Verdict

The Supreme Court has held that actor Kushboo’s remarks on premarital sex could not be considered obscene in the legal sense and law could not be abused by initiating criminal proceedings against her.

The actress has just returned from her holiday and looks quite relieved after a long battle. She has expressed her interest in joining politics and takes baby steps before getting in to the big league.

Oddly enough, although many may think the judgment is an endorsement of deviant behaviour, it is not. Kushboo did not advocate premarital sex or live in relationship. She only advocated that society should not be hypocritical and pretend that this does not happen. She advocated health safety measures where it did happen and voiced her concern.



  1. Anonymous

    She all of sudden has leaned towards congress, might be congress had helped her out of all case, Any way Congress is well known to use law and order in their favour.

    Thirumavalavan Viduthali Siruthai and PMK are her biggest rivals.
    But wasnt Jaya's ADMK who supported her during the time she spoke this 2005.

  2. Anonymous

    Nice to see that Kushboo is out of this idiotic case. Congrats Kusbhoo.IF A MAN CAN HAVE***** A WOMAN TOO CAN HAVE. If a man wants to marry a virgin, a woman too wants the same. Virginity is not confined to females alone. Its for men too. When men don't have it,how can females have it?.She too needs that experience. If she can't have it , then men too can't have. But sorry I am not here to talk about men. I am here to say every female can have it if she wants to have.No men can dictate terms for a female if she needs to be a virgin or not. Thanks kushboo,,,u broke one of the pre judices. No man is a virgin so please let them not expect to marry virgins.Every person has his right for sex.So men,,,"if u r a virgin ur wife too is,,,,,if u r not then she too is not". There can be no 2 laws. Love u kushboo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Anonymous

    seems the above commentor is no more a virgin, and she has Kushboo to support her. Pls while getting married dont hide about virginity or ex boy friends, find out a guy who has already virginity.

    Since not all are so broad minded to accept the fact my wife has already tasted sex with some other male.I still leave in Madurai not in UK.

    Where a survey says in UK more than 50% girl think about their ex-boy friends while having sex with current husband.

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