Kiruthiga Udhayanidhis Short Film ‘Life’ receives International fame

Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi

Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi’s short film titled Life was a delicious treat to many seated at the International film festival recently.

Working alongside two renowned filmmakers of Kollywood, namely, Sasikumar and Mysskin, the project has fetched the girl The Best Director Award at the International Cinema Festival of India recently held in Jaipur for the Worldwood International Category.We had to know more about this from the director herself who is a busy entrepreneur, editor of a magazine, a caring mother and the daughter-in-law of the first family of Tamil Nadu of Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin and wife to producer Udhayanidhi.

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Below is an excerpt from what she had to say during an exclusive interview to Kollytalk.

What message do you have for the viewers?

The message is don’t look at HIV-positive patients differently. Instead of discriminating against them, accept them. They don’t need your money or sympathy, only your acceptance.

My movie Life is a trilogy that includes short stories made by Mysskin sir, Sasikumar sir and me of 15 minutes duration each. The movie is an effort to bring awareness amongst viewers regarding their attitude towards AIDS victims.The movie includes several child artistes and relatively lesser-known actors appearing in them. Prasanna is the only known-face who has appeared in one of the films. There are also real-life AIDS-afflicted people who are featured in the film.

It has been a great boost for me and surely has given me more confidence and motivation at the same time to continue my journey further.
Been chosen amidst 500 entries must be a fulfilling achievement. You really had a ball isn’t it? Do you owe it to collaborating with some amazing filmmakers themselves for this?

Oh for sure! They made it such an easy going and wonderful journey for me. I’ve learnt a lot from them, my experience was super.
Any more movies lined up now after getting such recognition. It surely must be tempting to make more movies isn’t it?

Yes, I do have plans; I am just waiting for the perfect moment. You will know about them if any.

Thank you for your time.

Life, they say, must offer others hope and surely Kiruthiga is helping out others in her own way

. She surely seems a promising young talent. Good luck Lady.



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