Khushboo: I was scared when fans erected my temple


She had taken her career in movies to levels that only some could dream of. Involved in production for movies, hosting a game show and politics. She really enjoys a great time playing many roles. This is an interview with Khushboo, here is an excerpt from the interview.

It has been a long journey from the day you thought you will join movies. Did you in between ever think of moving to Mumbai, it is a trend these days amongst Kollywood heroines you know?

It has been a long time, during the initial days I was her mom and dad separated. I was not even thinking abut moving anywhere else. That is when I started doing Tamil movies.I have since enjoyed every moment and have never complained.

Fans have only got crazier and enjoyed you as a larger than life character. Temples have been erected in your name, how did you feel about it?

To tell you the truth I was working and was really busy during the times these events took place. You know I had literally nothing on my mind. When I realized about the temples I was surprised and scared at the same time. There was this huge responsibility I had now, and my fans expected so much than ever before.

Do you think more Bollywood heroines are trying their luck in Kollywood, you started the trend in your time, and it seems to have clicked with Kollywood?

Well, it is just about the money these days. Except for a few , 90% of today’s actress are not there for a performance they are just in search of glamour over night, leaving out a few like Shriya Saran, Tamannah or Namitha. They don’t even want to learn the languages but want to do more films.

So do you think an actor can easily get into a politician’s shoes?
Well,I hope too. haha

I am an actress first and then a politician. I will speak my mind and also for the party if the situation demands.Recently some were surprised when I supported Nitish Kumar for the Indian of the Year pick. It was my personal choice. I am in the DMK now, the party that’s supporting the Congress government in the Center. But, I said what I felt as I was asked my view as an actress.

On close analysis the South has more actor-politicians than the north nevertheless they seem to be good at it too?

Oh yes I agree. It is all about how actors are treated in the South you know. Their fans are always willing to pour their heart out in worship and trust their on political presence as an extension to the onscreen presence. The stars really know the pulse of their fans and handle them well too.

How has it been donning the producers’ hat? You must be having plans of doing a Hindi movie too?
I have a very young production house. I play safe and as far as Hindi movies go all I want is to play Mr. Bachchan’s leading lady.

So did you talk about this to him?

I have spoken about this to him he always jokes about it and tells me ‘You do know that you’re around my daughter Shweta’s age?’

So your production house is really going places, we can soon expect a Big B movie with you in a pivotal role isn’t it?

On my god! We are too small and cannot afford Mr Bachchan!

We are sure you will reach there Goddess Khushboo. Being a goddess-politician won’t let you down on the financial front we are sure.

It is surely about the money honey!



  1. aravind

    Apart from acting u are fit for nothing rather than entertaining DMK leaders….enna kasu tharangala ella ellam summa thana????

  2. Kounder

    summa sengitaalum  appadiyae  sokiruvanga ….. kalaingar family offers a chance with kushbooo if u vote for dmk … 

  3. Any

    Erecting a temple for a Pros…. can happen in only Tamilnadu. THe people are carzy. 
    We need some one to help tamilnadu people to get away from the politicians and  person like her.

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