Karthis First Gift to Ranjani

Karthi on Ranjani

Actor Karthi, one of the most eligible bachelors in Kollywood is finally taken!  Karthi made his debut in 2007 with the top-grossing film ‘Paruthiveeran’ and it attracted many who became his fans for his famous dialogue ‘Yenna mama sowkiyama’. The dashing actor is all set to tie knot with Ranjani, a MA (English Literature) graduate on July 3 this year.

What Karthi talked with Ranjani, his bride-to-be?

Actually, my parents have been looking out for a girl for a long time now. The only condition they stipulated was the girl should be well-educated and having respect towards our culture. This alliance came through my maternal uncle Thangaraj. Actually Ranjani hails from a Village near Erode and they migrated to Chennai for her studies. Stilly they do have a house and farming land in the village. My father liked the family background on hearing this. As huge crowd will be gathered if I meet her at Erode, we decided to meet at our common friend’s house in Chennai. We met her and finalized. That’s all.

Ahaan!!Tell us what did you talk to her?

“I’m very happy,” gushes the actor. To be frank, I take at least 3 to 4 months to say OK to the script for my film but when I met Ranjani I said OK immediately. My father too said, ‘I know you fell for her after seeing the photo itself.’.

Arranged marriage did sound like a scary option, but once I spoke to her for over an hour, I was convinced that she was the one for me. Most of the time I only was talking and she was listening quitely.

She has in-depth knowledge in many a subject. She is M.A and I am M.S. Then we have the same taste in English movies also. Wouldn’t that be enough?

Her favourite movies of yours?

She has seen only Paruthiveeran and Aayirathil Oruvan in which I was sporting a dirty boy look. She liked my dirty look in that films, she said. I would love to do another film with same appearance at least for her.

Tidbit: The ‘meeting’ between the cute couple ended with Karthi gifting her a ‘costly mobile phone’ on which she hasn’t stopped talking to him ever since!



  1. sense

    intha family tholla thaangalada saamy.. anna ippo scenea korachi irukaan.. ippo thambi.. siva kumar thann pulla pethu irukaana?

    ivaingala paathale erichala iruku.. peria manmatha kunchikala?

    appan oru loosu pullainga athuku mela..chee,….vitta honeymoona kooda vijay tvla poduvaanga pola?

  2. nimbu

    frankly, she look matured compared to Karthi.  Hope aft marriage she will change her style and look bit modern to match karthi’s style.  Karthi and Ranjani, all the best.

  3. Vasin

    Niruthada Porampoaku!

    Well educated’na studied in a decent school, had collegiate education, has learnt good social manners and understand people, has learnt Thamil and English well with adequate knowledge in other subjects plus has attained the capacity to think free to make desions without being wrongly influenced.

    Nee enna well educated na Engineering illa Medicine padikarathunu nenechya? Pannada! Present context’la they are persued for gaining financial and professional success. A Programmer could think of himself as he belongs to the category of the most intelligent group of people but he can’t claim he is well educated. You are an idiot.

  4. r

    cine actor actress ellam kamunu irundhalum indha media bathroom varaikum poi photo edukranunga vekkamilama., have any media person posted any personal problem on tv or news., does it mean they dont have any family problem, divorce, loan commitments, …. ellam kaasudhan., media kaaranunga news venumna …….. kooda thimbanunga… oru prachnaya oodhi oodhi perusakradhu dhan ivanunga vela., naaradhar… indha commentuku neraya per kondhalikanume., paakalam., comments welcome., (this comment has no relation to the above news.. 😛

  5. good business

    this family information y need to come out.  the whole family without any good effort every day publishing infotmation.  better through this people from flim ins.,

  6. Shailu

    I missed to read the lines above the stills, seeing her photo with Karthi’s photo by her side I thought it was Karthi Mother’s photo n the news would be something related to the gift for his mother for Mother’s day… 🙂

  7. Dmitriv

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  8. Dmitriv

    Vasin which jungle you came out from, who the fark taught you all this nonsense. Get a life asshole, you have a disease, called FOOT IN THE MOUTH DISEASE. The only cure, is to keep your faggot mouth of yours shut. Your name itself sounds like a fagots name. Well Educated, myre meaning kudukure chuni paiya…

  9. Vasin

    Dei Loosu Dmitriv, Mudu. Kittathatta 60 words elthirike! Enniya thitrathuku 60 words thevaya irka oniku? Loosu!

  10. Vasin

    Dei Loosu Dmitriv Enna naan sonnathla onnu rendu illa polriku oniku I missed a few; athan gandu; gavlapadama poi thungu!

  11. tamannah fans club

    ellam sari karthi……tamannah va yean kadhalichu emathuna…..thinamalar vaangi padi….unna kilikilinu kilikuranga…..

  12. kh

    to all useless fellows. y do you care so much about karthis personal life. r you going to look after him? the answers is no so y dnt u all who dnt like ranjani keep quiet. its his choice who he wants to marry. im sure she is a very nice person. if he married tammanah he will seek divorce after 2 weeks. unkala mathiri pannadaikal iruka intha nadilla appo appoa pirachana varum. sanniyan nayeees. shut the F*** up. have a nice married life Karthi n Ranjini

  13. sha

    she is not suit to karthi.intha karthi paya edha kandu ranjanikku o k sonnano.ennada paiya innum konjam nalla ponna paarthirukka koodatha? hoooom ellam thalaieluthu. veyra enna solla

  14. Vasin

    I guess many don’t understand Karthi. He is not adventurous. He likes to tread the safe way; the normal way; the average way. The orthodox way has worked for him. He has a quiet outlook; as most he concentrated on studies first; but not brilliant; instead of getting clear about calculaus he preferred to spend time with friends as an average person would do; took his time to observe cinema; no rush; then entered cinema; although it was a bit late it did work; and now instead of going after sexy but risky girls he goes for a stable girl; remember; a really beautiful girl can’t stay with a guy for too long; a new shiny piece of tin would look better than a used piece of gold. I think Karthi is a smart guy.

  15. guest

    un photo va un appan photo pakathula vachi paaru un appanuku aatha pola irupe… ivalam pesura parupu moodhevi

  16. Don't care to disclose

    Karthi has done a smart thing. A good friend of mine is a very charming guy who used to date (have affairs with) really hot girls, models… and then when it came to marriage went for a very cute/beautiful (not hot/sexy) family girl arranged by his parents. He said… the geeks who don’t have much exposure to life… rush to marry a hot/sexy girl if they get one by chance… but don’t know that those girls are not marriage/wife material… You want a stable, sensible, loving woman who will care about you more than about getting attention… The words of a worldly wise man…

    Tamannah seems like a very smart, charming & highly lovable girl… and she might be wife material for some guy – ideally a Sindhi business man or a film producer… but for Karthi she might not be the best fit…

  17. priya

    dai karthi yenda rangani ya marrage panna….you is only for me da my purusha. Na unnakuda….please i want to sleep with you one day.ask permission with rangani.please na unkoda padukanum.

  18. vikashini

    no one has the rights to comment about a actor’s personal life. they’ll should also have privacy. the person who had posted below my comment is really a pakka mental !!!

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