Karthika seeks help from Chinmayi for dubbing


Singer Chinmayi is the favorite K town dubbing artist, as every new cute face that can hardly speak Tamil is seeking help from her these days. The latest to join the list is Actress Karthika debutant heroine of KV Anand’s Ko.

Karthika reportedly plays a fiery investigative print journalist Renuka, who is supporting a news photographer played by Jeeva in the story. We wanted to hear Karthika’s take on this and here is what she had to say.Below is an excerpt form the chat we had with Karthika,

I’m happy that Chinmayi who is also one of my favorite singers has dubbed for me. As you know I’m born and brought up in Mumbai, and can speak only a smattering of Tamil. The character Renuka in my upcoming movie KO demands that I speak in Tamil and English, Anand sir was very particular that it should come out really perfect on screen, so  sought Chinmayi’s help.

Karthika It will be better for you to master the language if you wish for a long run.



  1. Sanjeev

    Chinmayi, you are phenominal, You can sing, dub, anchor programmes and even you can act in movies.
    I think Chinmayi is better looking than Karthika nair…. 

  2. Vasin

    Special case pola thaan theriyarathu but I don’t know much about her. I took a liking to Anu after seeing Run; you know the way she told Mathavan to come down from upstairs for dinner or something; suddenly I realised ‘hey here we go we have a girl who is step ahead of us’.

  3. Sanjeev

    Do you currently live in the United Kingdom, coz it seems like the way you communicate is relative to us, Not like most of indian’s; who express so emotionally…

  4. Sanjeev

    May i know your facebook e-mail add, will be nice to have a friend like you.

    i know you are a die-hard fan of Anu hassan, is she’s in Chennai or UK now coz i saw coffee with anu this sunday and she was present thatswhy ?

  5. Vasin


    I don’t spend time on facebook sanjeev and I don’t come here for fun really. I have actually been testing if unmoderated sites are good enough for spreading ideas. My email ID is [email protected] . And I am no fan of Anu just impressed. She is a brilliant person but doesn’t have the idea – naanga, namba makkal, namba naadu….

    Anyway I like your liking for Chinmayi who likes to be active, different, bold and do things. We may become friends in the future.

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