Karthika is on cloud nine after Ko


When director Bharatiraja went to the theater for the first time in his life and saw Ko (Rangam) he called Kartika Nair home and wrapped a shawl around her leaving her family members aghast as it was unexpected of the veteran.


Hi Karthika


Do you think you had an advantage of being the daughter of an actress?

Well you could say there is an advantage but if I had been to an acting school I would have been like dry, stubborn clay. There are people who have given up everything for a career in acting, I’m lucky to have such a life. There is huge celebration in Tamil Nadu these days they are saying our daughter is acting.

Currently you are really busy with your studies and career isn’t it?

Yes I am doing my graduation from the London School of Economics that has its affiliation in Mumbai, and also helping my dad in his hotel business at the same time doing films — a decision that she says is based not on languages but according to the scripts.

So are there more offers after the release of KO, your Malayalam debut Makaramanju was selected for the Indian Panorama and Danny Boyle(Slumdog Millionaire fame) even called and congratulated you on your performance for your dual roles of a muse of Raja Ravi Verma and as Urvasi, the dancer in Lord Indra’s court ?

I have been offered films in French, German and Korean post release of Malayalam debut Makaramanju that was directed by Santosh Sivan which was part period and fictional.

So what is the secret behind Ko’s success?

Everything, photography, the script, the universal theme of the story and the awesome locations, all helped.  Every day was a huge adventure as I was the only female actor to shoot for a film, standing on a rock between two mountains that was three thousand feet above in Norway.

Wow, amazing. Karthika you are the only successor to your mom in the movie industry?

No actually my aunt Ambika’s sons are studying in the acting schools in US and would be directing soon. Ambika herself is directing a Malayalam movie that will be dubbed in Tamil and Telugu. Mom’s brother Suresh is also into the movie business as well.

Wow, we wish you a great time ahead , once again congratulations for KO.Thank you for a lovely time.

Thanks, after KO I surely understand journalists better.


That is so sweet of you thanks once again.


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