Karthika first stage performance better late than never

Karthika Stage Performance at KO Audio launch
Karthika Stage Performance at KO Audio launch

K V Anand’s Ko just finished with an audio launch, the female lead Karthika, was the major attraction at the happening event as this is her debut film in Tamil.

She performed a dance number based on Ennamo Yeadho from the film on stage, and got a great response too.

We caught up with her after her energetic performance, she was accompanied by her mom Radha.Here is a part of the talk.

So Karthika you must be excited after your performance on stage?

It was a momentous day for me as I danced for the first time at a public event. At school, some of my friends thought that I was a nerd, because I was more interested in getting a business degree than acting in movies.

Really we can’t believe it was your first dance on stage, wow! that was amazing for sure.

We turned to her mom for an answer who excitedly tells us.

“I could not hold back the tears as my baby was taking her first steps into Tamil cinema, which made me a star. I never groomed her to become an actress, but it just happened. She was born and brought up in Mumbai and had no real connection with the industry in Chennai. However, she used to see a lot of Tamil movies. My sister Ambika had sent her a rare collector’s item made out of all my old film songs, which she used to watch regularly.”

Is it Karthika, you really had a great time watching those movies didn’t you?

My role model is my mom, especially when it comes to songs. But in my first Tamil film, Ko, I’m doing the role of an investigative journalist, something which mom has not done in any of her movies.

Oh, so Radha ma’am do you think times have changed as you must be always in touch with your daughter Karthika’s progress these days?

“Those days, I just signed films depending on the hero and the banner. None of the heroines were given a story narration. Today, Karthika is very particular on how she should be portrayed and directors like KV sir explain in detail the feel of the movie in addition to how to get into the skin of the character.”

So Karthika do you think it is also easier to get glamorous roles easily these days, do you have any surprises for your fans lately?

Well as far I see it glamour is not about wearing skimpy clothes or a bikini. It’s the attitude and the style of the character on screen that matters the most. And after watching Ko’s trailer, a lot of people told me that I look sexy even though I wear only kurtis, saris and salwars for most part of the film!

You surely did, we agree, we hope you really have a great time at the box office with your movie all set for a release.Thank you Radha ma’am for your time too, we enjoyed every moment of it.Karthika it was a great performance indeed, thanks.



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