Karthi will be a good husband

KarthiKarthi has been very busy these days inviting everyone to his marriage, and rushing through all the last minute shopping prior to his wedding to Ranjini, on July 3, in Coimbatore.We caught up with the star for an interview.

Karthi we know you are busy but your fans want to know if the reports regarding your trip to Tahiti Islands are true.

No it is not true I’m not going to any island. We are very busy now; everyone in the family is running round the clock to ensure a smooth wedding ceremony. Amidst all this I really have no time to think about my honeymoon. I’m heading to Coimbatore tonight and yes a reception is also scheduled for July 7, in Chennai, for all my industry friends.

Do you get time to speak to Ranjini these days?

Yes I’m always on the phone these days and once I start talking to her, I don’t attend other calls.

So romantic of you Karthi.

Haha, I know. Thanks.


Talk about being a good husband, he is here isn’t it?

Well, I have to try to be a good husband.

Exactly. So when do you plan to resume shooting for debutant Sankar Dayal’s Saguni ?Are there any other offers in line?

I will be resuming the shooting for Saguni by the end of July. Talks for another film with Anushka are on, but nothing’s confirmed yet.

Wow that is some news for your fans; will marriage affect your choice of films?

I’ve always been a fun-loving guy and my films will always reflect that. It will continue to be the same.

I need to rush, excuse me please.

Please carry on Karthi, we will get back soon in the next session.

Thanks. Come for the marriage surely.

Oh yes, we will be there.


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