Karthi trained by Pickpockets for Siruthai


Karthi as we all know is pairing up with the very lovely Tamannah for his upcoming flick Siruthai for a second time after Paiyaa.

He is very excited to do this film where he is reportedly playing a dual role.

Recently we caught up with him after he returned from a shoot in Phuket.

Here is an excerpt.
You are playing a dual role in Siruthai . What do you have to say about the experience?

“Everything is new about Siruthai. This is the first time I’m playing a dual role — a thief and a police officer! This is also the first time; I will be spewing punch dialogues and bashing up a hundred goons at a go. I feel like a mass hero now,” gushes the actor.

He looks very excited about the experience and adds on.

“Since one of my roles is that of a conman, I actually mingled with a few pickpockets in north Chennai to get a hang of their body language and mindset. And the interesting part was that I had to do exactly the opposite for my role as a police officer. I saw a few films where actors have played policemen and met a few police officers to understand their psyche.”

You had been to Phuket recently for a song shoot, is seems to be a beautiful place isn’t?

“It was a great experience and I have no words to describe the beauty of the locales there. We shot a song in the island and it will be a visual treat to all,” he effuses.

How was it working with Tamannah this time? You two have a great chemistry.

“Thanks. Paiyaa was an entirely different film, where there was a lot of romance involved, but Siruthai is a commercial potboiler. My chemistry with comedian Santhanam is going to be crackling and a song, in which I have donned nine get-ups will surely turn heads,” concludes the actor.

We wish him best of luck for his upcoming movie and hope the pair will taste ‘dual magic’ this time around too.



  1. dilip

    padam dhaan pudhusu pudhusa nadikaraaney thavira andha dhaadiyum parata thalayum suthama maarrathey illa.. oru change um illa..

  2. Stanly

    otha anan thambi renduperume waist……….punch only vijay ku suit avum…..una mari thevdiya pillai ku ila da karthi

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