Karthi speaks on wife Ranjini and Suriyas 7aam Arivu

Karthi interview

Karthi speaks on wife Ranjini and Suriya’s 7aam Arivu

Hi Karthi, it’s been a while since we spoke isn’t it ?


Yes I was looking forward to this.

So, currently you are busy with Saguni, with actress Pranitha opposite you

 , could you elaborate a bit on it ?

“Yes as you know it is an action film which is told in a humorous way. It’s produced by Studio Green and promises to be full of twists and turns. Saguni will be a treat for film-buffs.”

“Post Siruthai, I was waiting for four months for a script like Saguni. I immediately grabbed it when Shankar Dayal narrated the story to me,” adds the actor.


Moving on to your personal life, how is life after marriage?

Well, life has changed a lot post marriage.

In what ways, could you share a bit?

After I started my professional career I have been busy at times. So till recent times my mother was the only one who would wait for me late night for dinner no matter what time I come back home after completing the day’s shoot, post marriage Ranjini too has joined mother.

Haha, it must be a great feeling isn’t it? Talking about Ranjini how is she, you could had got her along.

Next time for sure. Thanks to her she woke me up on time. I am so lazy.

You feel lucky to have a beauty besides you don’t you?

Certainly she has made my life so much more beautiful and more meaningful.

Deepavali is coming up, any plans?


Both of us will be at her parents’ place in Erode. My in-laws are all in a festive mood and I am hearing a lot about the arrangements, looking forward to have a blast.

A true Deepavali blast is in the waiting. Sounds good.

Yeah it is my first Deepavali post marriage.

7am Arivu soundtrack was good and it was really a surprise to see you at the audio launch event, you must be looking forward to the movie isn’t it?

I have decided to watch the first day first show of 7aum Arivu, as my anna Suriya has put extraordinary efforts for the film. I am very eager to watch the AR Murugadoss-directed movie. Thanks

We hope good times keep rolling for you Karthi, everyone is looking forward to your Saguni and of course 7am Arivu too, convey our regards to Ranjini and Suriya.




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