Kanthaswamy team tricks villagers

Kalaipuli S Thanu

During the audio launch, director Susi Ganeshan and producer Kalaipuli S Thanu, had announced they adopted three villages and 27 more were in line to be taken care of by entrepreneurs and industrialists in the city.

However, there have been reports that this adoption scheme never took off and it was all done for publicity. A source has accused The Kanthaswamy team to have used the whole idea as a promotion trick for the movie.

The film’s producer Thanu, also agreed that the project has not made much progress and goes on to blame the internal politics in these villages.

Hi sir is it right that there has not been much progress in the mention village adoption scheme that you earlier proposed?

Yes I agree that there has not been much progress, we actually zeroed in on three villages and laid new roads and also provided a noon meal before the film’s 100th day. We wanted to hold the 100th day celebrations in Vannivelampatti in Madurai and printed the invites but the villagers were against the whole idea and we were forced to hold the event in Chennai.

Did the villagers get any compensations?

We donated 3 lakh to the representatives of that village as you know.

You mean to say the villagers are at fault sir?

The villagers were not cooperative which is why the program failed. Some villages were divided on caste and each group wanted to claim the money. In one instance, we were even mobbed by the villagers.

The villagers mobbed you?

Yes, and they demanded work that overshot the budget. The villagers wanted us to dredge ponds and build bridges, which would cost more than 20 lakh. We told them such works come under the purview of the government and offered we would instead build toilets and repair schools; apparently they didn’t need such help. The whole project created so much mental stress.

Thank you for you input sir.

The Kanthaswamy team’s ‘village adoption scheme’ seems to just another gimmick although we appreciate their efforts for the villages, we would like to say they should have really researched before announcing big deals and giving the villagers immense hopes.


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