Kajal doesnt like skin show

KajalHer career surely didn’t start with a bang but it looks like Kajal is slowly climbing the ladder now that she is pairing up with some biggies in South film industry namely Surya in Maatran, Mahesh Babu in The Businessman and Naga Chaitanya in Dhada. We had a talk with the girl and this is what she had to say about her intentions in Kollywood.

Hi Kajal.



Could you tell us a bit about your upcoming venture with Surya?

I am an interpreter in Maatran and my character in the film is really exciting. Previously I worked with Karthi in Naan Mahan Alla and this time I will be performing opposite Surya.I am super excited.


Wow, so you must be really happy the way your career has shaped.

Recently, I just wrapped up the shoot for Dhada a Telugu movie and now I am about to begin work for The Businessman. I don’t want to analyze my career too much. It’s sailing smoothly and I’m happy about it.


Do you think it is essential for an actress to look slim and fit to get the best roles these days?

I am only 10 films old. So, I don’t need to jump onto that bandwagon just now. I agree, the pressure to look thin is there, especially when a lot of actresses are size zero,


Do you think you will be doing more glamorous roles in the future?

I don’t really have to show skin to look glamorous. I do believe in one thing that you can be glamorous wearing a sari or a full sleeves, t-shirt  o r jeans. I don’t have a problem with looking hot or sexy, but skin show should only be to a limit.


You mean you really dislike skimpy clothes don’t you?

I have my reservations about wearing skimpy outfits and will never do that for a film.

Was acting a dream for you since childhood?

Not really I was never interested in acting in the first place. There have been offers to act and model ever since I was in college, but acting was never really an ambition.


Do you think Bollywood has a wider reach than Kollywood?

The reach of Hindi cinema is larger, but the South is equally professional. In South, they have very talented technicians but both the industries have equally good artists, good scripts and good professionals. I feel, just like Bollywood, Southern films are also reaching a lot of places. Regional barriers are slowly and steadily disappearing which is a very good thing.


That sounds good.

Moreover I have noticed lately that a lot of technicians are being shared pan-India. Directors of photography, choreographers, etc – all are working in both the industries for the love of cinema.


That is awesome. What was your aim back in time before you started acting?

I wanted to do my MBA, but finished my graduation and got into movies instead. I have no godfathers in the industry so I am taking everything as it comes. I have no wish to join the rat race.


Your sister Nisha will also be a part of the industry soon, have you been giving her tips?

No! I want her to be independent in her approach and learn from her own mistakes, just the way I did.


Will there be competition at home?

Come on, how can I compete with someone whom I consider my baby?


Well said. Thank you Kajal for a great time, we wish you success for your future ventures.



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