Kajal Agarwal disowns south cinema

Kajal Agarwal
Kajal Agarwal

Kajal Agarwal is a star now, thanks to South Indian cinema that has showcased the glamorous doll to world. As time has passed it seems the petite actress has now developed new tastes for Bollywood.

Our close sources spoke to her and this is what she had to say during the interview during her promotion for the film “Singham,” (a remake of Surya’s movie).


Hi Kajal. So how is it been making the switch from Kollywood to B Town?


Hi. Well, I have never considered myself a South Indian actress.

Well, Kajal surely has found new enemies in southern cinema after her comment, her co-star (whose name we would not like to reveal) says.

What do you have to say on Kajal’s statement?

I cannot believe this; I would say it is insane. Getting into Hindi films is tough and everyone prefers to get into South Indian movies as they are more flexible. What more do we need we get our fame and grooming so easily, it is really tough in Bollywood to get fame easily. Although we shouldn’t forget where we began, South Indian cinema is a stepping stone to Bollywood for many.


Back with our crew we discussed, who is to blame for such a reaction?


Well, what we concluded was it was the Kollywood and Tollywood producers who encourage these Mumbai imports who can hardly act but are chosen for their flawless skin despite the lack of acting skills. As soon as they hear Bollywood they turn their backs.

We would also like our viewers to know about how her statements in public have hurt director Sreedhar Reddy. This is what the gentleman had to say.

Just a couple of weeks ago she spoke to the media about the greatness of Hyderbadi biryani and I suppose it was only because she was in Hyderabad, she was in all praise for the pearls and biryani.

They forget Hyderabad when they come to Chennai, and say they love Tamil language. It shows her character when she says she never considered herself to be a South Indian actress. Her attitude towards our industry is of total disrespect, we will make it a point to treat her similarly.

Apparently there still some shameless directors who are not much affectionate towards the Kollywood industry and the conduct of actresses like Kajal. One amongst them being Sravanti Ravi Kishore who says,

I cast anyone irrespective of the regional feelings. I don’t discriminate. Shriya has an upbringing in Delhi. Kajal is from Mumbai.

Well, what do you have to say Kollytalkers?


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