K V Anand reveals the evolution of Ko and his love for drumming

K V Anand
K V Anand

We spoke to KV Anand, recently during the talk he revealed us some interesting concepts about the evolution of the lead character in KO.So here we go,

So sir how did Ko come about?

Ko is also an experience that I had while I was covering a riot in Thirupathur; my camera was smashed by a mob and the roll got exposed.Even today, I miss being a photojournalist. Instead of thrusting a sickle in the hero’s hand, I have armed him with a camera. When I was in class 10, I was smitten by two professions drumming and photography. As I grew up, I became a freelance photojournalist and worked with many leading magazines before making it into movies. Ko, is a reflection of my life as a photojournalist and there are so many elements inspired by incidents from his freelancing career.

The role has more to it than being a photo-journalist, when did you plan to write the script?

I have actually spent a good few days in Bengaluru, researching for his film. I have a fair idea on what a photo editor does in a magazine. But a newspaper scenario was new to me. So, I visited a newspaper office in Bengaluru and spoke to the photo editors there. I learnt about their work pattern. Only then did my writers, Suba, and I sit together to work on the story and script. I believe every film has to have logic. So, we have paid attention to even minute details.

The streets of Tanzania, seem to be a peculiar choice why so sir?

Australia and Switzerland have now become as common as Gopichettipalayam and Pollachi. That’s why I shot Ayan in the grimy streets of Tanzania. And, I believe that beauty is not just in greens and blues.

Me and my cameraman looked on Internet, spoke to tourism ministries and frequent globetrotters before settling on the locations where we wanted to film.

On Ko’s music with  Harris .

Our combination had worked big time in Ayan. I’m sure we will repeat the magic once again. As a matter of fact He composed the tune for Ven Paniye a romantic number in Harbin, China when it was snowing heavily outside.

Wow we are surely the movie will get hold of us just like a deadly Harris song. Thank you for spending your time with us.

It’s my pleasure as always.


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