Jeeva:Nanban will be better than the Original

Jeeva Singam Puli double role
Jeeva Singam Puli double role

In ‘Singam Puli’ Jeeva plays a dual role .The movies plot is said to be a fight between an innocent fisherman Jeeva and the suave layer Jeeva who create troubles for the poor fosherman played my Jeeva again.

Singam Puli directed by Sairamani. Here is what Jeeva had to tell us about his current release.

So Jeeva can we expect no more delay in the movie now.

The movie has a lot of CG work going on; it takes time to get things right for a while. Trust me it will be worth the wait. If things go according to plan, the release will happen on February y 25.

That is good news. So we will see you in dual roles in this one.You must be excited?

Yes I am I am playing the hero and villain .Santhanam will surely help me out with his comical injections.

So what would do you prefer hero or villain?

I think I will go with playing a villain it is so much more challenging. My friends warned me before I did that role but I am glad it has come out to the best of my abilities.

We are wondering why your posters portray you in an unchanged getup, even though you represent 2 parallel worlds playing the villain and hero.

Well, Sai was particular about this; he says it is not about the appearance but more about how I breathe life into the character. It is about the attitude and body language, they way they talk and walk

That sounds justified. So how has it been romancing two hot heroines?

You know the romantic track with Divya is a little mature. The other character I play is a playboy who loves setting his hands on women often .Although I have intimate scenes with Soundarya, Sai has taken care that the takes have stayed away from vulgarity and luckily we will not be featured in the midnight masala shows.

Haha. So what are you busy with now these days?

My shoots for Vandhan Vendran in Mumbai. I just completed the first schedule of Shankar’s Nanban in Ooty and am waiting for Rowthiram.

Wow. So working with Shankar must be an experience isn’t it?

The experience was really pleasant.In Kollywood Shankar  has worked with Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth..but is down to earth and treats everyone equally .He always explains the scene thoroughly before we go for the final take and doesn’t hesitate to compliment if we do a good job. Nanban will be better than the original that is for sure.

It surely seems to have impacted your health, you have lost weight.

I am a college lad in Nanban. I always make it a point to walk from the sets of Vandhan Vendran to my hotel that is 5 kms away and plan to start hitting the gym soon. I want to lose more weight.

Walking is the best way to do it, sounds like you have a liking for walking.

We will surely catch up on your movie this month, best wishes from us. Thank you for the great time.



  1. Aravind

    Hmmmmm noway…..only once the flim could be as good as original…..remake wont be that much effective…that too a stalwart like Aamir khan there would be very less chance…..

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