Jeeva playing pranks with Tapsee in the forest

Vanthaan Vendraan Jeeva Tapsee

As reported earlier Vandhaan Vendraan was shot in the forests at the Kerala-Karnataka border. The experience has been an unforgettable one for the cast and crew.

Here is an excerpt from the interview with director Kannan.

The shoots in the forest were really long, it must have been exciting no wonder you stayed there so long?

Oh definitely we had a ball. We spent 23 days in the forest.

Where did you stay for such a long time?

There was a wood house that was erected by our own art director, Rembon. It was really special and it was built on a slippery, uneven rock that was overlooking the Gandhipara waterfalls and Rembon told us that as the house didn’t have a basement, at any given point, only 10 of us could stay inside. It is one of these extremely beautiful woodhouses’ I have ever seen, and has been glorified by decorations with curtains and beads. The authorities there told us  we were the first ones to erect a set in the forest.

So only 10 people entered the house at an instance?

Not really. Although it was a risky affair I had to shoot a song and a couple of romantic scenes inside the house and that meant I needed my entire unit inside!

To tell you the truth, there were almost close to 50 people inside the set, along with trolleys and heavy cameras. We used to move about like cats, without shaking things up.

How was it amidst the wilderness?

Haha it was fun! We cannot forget the poisonous scorpions that gave my crew sleepless nights! The officials had already warned us about leeches and karunthel (black scorpion) that infested the woods. This species of scorpion is known to be extremely lethal. Its sting is poisonous and leads to instant death. So, we went inside the forest fully prepared. We even had a few doctors accompanying us.

Any incidents that you remember that you would like to share with your fans?

Yes I remember Jeeva playing funny pranks and he didn’t let go of any opportunity to tease Taapsee. He would throw a stick on her time to time and scare her, saying that a scorpion was near her! She would panic, but as soon as she would realize what Jeeva was playing pranks, she would gear up to fight with him.

So what is happening with your movie right now?

Currently, we are shooting the climax scenes in Mumbai. We’re canning important scenes between Jeeva and Nandha, who play pivotal roles in the film. Taapsee will be joining us in a couple of days. With this, 90 per cent of the film is over. We will probably fly to Morocco by March to shoot a song.

Wow, Morocco must be a treat for sure. Have a great time. Your forest experience sounds really exciting. Thank you for a great time in the woods.


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