Janani was Balas pick amongst a lakh that auditioned for Avan Ivan

Janani Iyer
Janani Iyer

Little do people know that the gorgeous Janani, has already modeled in over 150 advertisements, but even she was amazed when she was selected from a lot of more than 1 lakh applicants who desired to be a part of Mr. Bala’s Avan Ivan. This girl is surely having a ball. In an exclusive interview to kollytalk she reveals more on her journey.


Hi Janani, so did you really apply for that advertisement that Mr. Bala rolled out sometime prior to the making of the movie?
Hi. Oh yes I did, there was this ad in the papers that called out for a role to all the talented youngsters in the city wager for a role in a movie. I hear there were more than a lakh of applications in it.

Oh really that is huge isn’t it, did you really think at that moment amidst all of them you would have made it?

I myself have no idea how I really got short listed for the role, I am so lucky and I believe it is because of the Almighty’s blessings that I really made it through in such a short span of time. It is almost unbelievable! During auditions I really asked my self do I really stand a chance in this venture? To my amazement I finally had made it. I have watched Bala’s Sir’s films and to say the least I am inspired watching those masterpieces.

So who introduced you to Bala Sir?

Oh Vijay the famous director who made Madrasapattnam was responsible for introducing me to Bala Sir. I still remember the moment when I saw Bala Sir after I signed the contract within 2 days, I bowed down to touch his feet and take his blessings.

What do you think made him choose you specifically for the role?

Well, that is something I still am figuring out. You know I asked the very same question recently to him and he tells me it’s my eyes.

Now you are making us jealous Janani! Haha, you play cop in the movie alongside Vishal and Arya, how was it haring screen with the big boys of Kollywood ?

Haha, I will take that as a compliment thank you. As for acting alongside Vishal and Arya all I would say is it was an experience of a lifetime. It was superb.

Bala sir is such a perfectionist as everyone knows, any experiences on the set that you would like to share with your fans Janani?

Oh you bet he is. Actually there were times during the shoot when I really had to look so serious but these dialogues I had with me made the whole thing so funny it really needed me to concentrate a bit more than my usual self .One thing is certain if you are under Bala Sir’s guidance he really looks into so much minute details that you take with you so much more than what really brought with yourself. He is almost observing everything around him every second be it the position of my hair strands or my expressions. I am very honest in telling you that every day I learnt something new. I enjoyed every bit of it

Thank you Janani, we hope your beautiful eyes capture everyone’s attention onscreen our best wishes for your movie that releases on April 7th, 2011.


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