Interview with Vishal on Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai

Vishal made his acting debut in Tamil in 2004 with Gandhi Krishna’s Chellame. It was an instant success. His second film Sandakozhi with Meera Jasmine was also a success. But his last few films were repetitive and were rejected by his fans.

Now the actor hopes to revive his box office chances with Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai, a romantic comedy about a Casanova who romances three girls played by Neetu Chandra, Sarah Jane and Tanushree Dutta.

The movie is directed by Thiru and produced by his brother Vikram Krishna for their own production house, G K Films Corporation, (their father G K Reddy was a producer of Tamil and Telugu films for many years).

Vishal had a chat with the media what to expect from the movie.

How different is Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai from your earlier films?

It is different in presentation, genre and my appearance in the film. We did not set out to make a different film; the script did. My character Karthik is a Casanova, the likes of which I have not played before. Those who think it’s like any other Vishal film will be in for a surprise.

In all your films, you follow a set pattern. Are you scared to experiment?

No, no. Remember I am only eight-films-old!

When I did Sandakozhi, I didn’t know Thimiru was next in line. At that time, I didn’t know about Thamarabharani. I would say each film had its own signature.

I am doing Theeratha Vilayadu Pillai not because my previous films didn’t do well. It just happened. I always wanted to do a romantic film and I got a script like this only now.

Unlike your earlier films, will this be an urban and more stylish film?

Yes, it is an urban film and I play a young man from Chennai.


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