Interview with Ravi varman on Moscowin Kaveri

Ravi Varman’s directorial debut Moscowin Kaveri (Tamil) was ready more than a year ago but got delayed because of some problems.finally releasing today August 27.

Ravi Varman, who is currently shooting the Telugu film Badrinath with Allu Arjun and Tamannah in Manali, spoke to  about Moscowin Kaveri. Excerpts:

It really took to finally make it to the screens. Are you relieved or excited that it’s finally seeing the light of day?

As I have suffered a lot while making the film, I don’t feel any excitement right now. I have reached a stage that I am happy with whatever I get, and whatever I don’t get will not make me unhappy too.

Yes, it is my first baby and I will know its fate only after its release. I am ready to face all eventualities.

Are you nervous about the reaction to it?

Frankly, no. I am far away from Chennai in Kulu-Manali right now, happily shooting a Telugu film. The very fact that I am part of the film industry makes me happy. What role I play is immaterial to me.

Samantha,  was to make her debut with your film isnt it.

My film is her debut film. I also introduced music director Thaman. I am happy that the people I have introduced are doing well.

Were you disappointed when the film’s release got delayed?

The biggest tragedy in my life was losing my parents when I was young. When you have seen such a tragedy in life, nothing will affect or disappoint you. Successes and failures are part of life, happy and sad moments too. There is no life without problems.

I have struggled throughout my life. When I started my film, I thought it would be easy but it did not turn out to be the way I expected. Nothing has come easy to me. When I joined the industry, I wanted to be a cinematographer and when I became one, I wanted to be a good one, and when I won awards, I struggled to maintain the standard. That is how life is — struggle always.

If you were to compare directing to cinematography, which is tougher?

Cinematography is tough physically while directing is tough mentally. But I don’t find both tough; that is because I enjoy doing both. When it is my story, I feel nobody else can do it better than me.

Is the story based on your life?

I have taken a leaf out of my book and made it into a story.

Why did you give such a title to the film?

Moscow is the name of the boy and Kaveri is the girl. That is how it became Moscowin Kaveri which means Moscow’s Kaveri.

A boys name is Moscow?

Because Soviet Union was India’s friend. Many young men were named Moscow in my village. Like some are named Lenin, Stalin, etc, there are people who are named Moscow too. My characters are born in a village but live in a city.

Won’t you come to Chennai to know the public reaction to your film?

I want to be away from the film, from the publicity and everything. I don’t want publicity or attention. I don’t want the happiness or sadness associated with the film. Even if its happiness or sadness, it will be there only for a day. The very next day, you have to come out of it and move on.

Would you direct a film again?



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    <span>Sema Mokka.. There can be contest for guessing the story or to determine what director coming to tell.. Editing is very worst and i dont see any other worst editing in this decade..</span>

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