Interview with Prabhu Solomon

Prabhu SolomonPrabhu Solomon is synonymous with the movie Mynaa. His next venture is based on the relationship between an elephant and its mahout. As he gets ready to start shooting the film this month, we spoke to the director to know a little more .Here is an excerpt from the interview.


Hi Prabhu Sir.


Mynaa as we all know has been well received by the industry insiders and changed the way many think about making movies. Was there any difference in the way you approached Mynaa with respect to your earlier films?

Making Mynaa, my only aim was for it be in a different genre. Honestly speaking I have always been very passionate and have made all my films sincerely with a lot of effort.

Does the success of Mynaa at the same time put more pressure on you?

All i would like to say is  my passion has nothing to do with the warm reception Mynaa received. Yes, expectations are high after Mynaa I know and I will make a good commercial film on a bigger scale.

How did you get the idea for your next venture?

I read in the newspapers that elephants entered villages and created a lot of fuss for the villagers. It set me thinking why did they enter man’s territory? …It is because their routes have been destroyed by deforestation and we are actually a threat to the animals.Moreover, this is also the year of the elephant. My film would also be a tribute to the animal. Out of 4,000 elephants in the Basavangudi, Ooty, Mudumalai area, only 50 per cent of  them are alive. Somebody has to take a step forward. I hope I do my bit. The elephant is a character in the film.

That is an amazing thought. Mynaa is a predominantly visual film. Is your next venture going to be on the same lines?

Yes, it is more about visual images and journeys and feelings. There are very large landscapes as we have to show elephants moving. We will be shooting in a place called Araku Valley 140 kilometres from Vizag near the Orissa border and also going to shoot at the bottom of the Jog Falls which nobody has attempted before.

Wow! we wish we were there at the shoots too. The locations are all awesome, you love being around nature isn’t it?

Thank you, yes, very much. I travel all the time. We will start shooting on July 20 at Jog Falls you are welcome. Thank You.

Thank You sir for a lovely time, hope your love for nature translates to another great cinema.

My pleasure.



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