Interview with Naan maahan alla Kajal Agarwal

Interview with Naan maahan alla Kajal Agarwal

Kajal Agarwal, the Modhi Vilayadu star returns with to tamil in Naan Mahaan Alla which also stars Karthi and is directed by Susinthiran of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu fame.

The tall and cute actress is quite a name to be reckoned with in Telugu (especially after Magadheera) with many plum projects. She finds juggling films in Telugu and Tamil interesting.

She talks about Naan Mahaan Alla releasing this Friday. Excerpts:

Did you sign Naan Mahaan Alla because it had something different to offer?

Yes, it was a different story with a realistic and interesting character. We didn’t have to act, we only had to react. Everything was natural.

Is it similar to the 1984  Rajnikanth’s film with almost the same title?

None whatsoever. This is a realistic film. It is a situational one dealing with what happens in the life of the protagonists. I haven’t done anything in Telugu like this. So, Naan Mahaan Alla is a different genre altogether for me.

what is your role?.

I play a chilled out girl called Priya. She’s a normal middle class girl who falls in love with the hero, Jeeva, who is a brat. There are certain things in his life which have repercussions on her life.

So is the role substantial?

It’s impactful though it is primarily a hero’s film. I’m there mostly in the first half and I am happy with the way the role has shaped up.

How was it working with  Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu fame Susindran?

I saw his first film  and really liked it. I found him practical and focussed. He knows what he wants to do.

How was Karthi as a co-star?

Very nice and sweet. He is very professional and humorous and makes everyone comfortable. I share a good rapport with him, which is reflected onscreen.

Are you comfortable doing both Telugu and Tamil films though the concentration seems to be more on Telugu?

I am comfortable with both the languages. Since I had interesting offers in Telugu, there were no dates for Tamil films. I am going to sort out in an organised manner and try to accommodate films in both the languages.

Have you signed any new Tamil projects… lingusamy film or so?

There are a couple of films in the pipeline but I cannot talk about them now.

Are you excited about the release of Naan Mahaan Alla?

Yes, I am quite excited. Hope it does well. We have all worked hard but one can’t predict the fate of the film even though we have given our best.

You seem to be busy with Telugu films like Brindavanam, a film each with Prabhas and Naga Chaitanya…

I have four films in Telugu — Brindavanam with NTR Jr, a film with Prabhas directed by Dasharath, Meruppu with Ram Charan Teja and one with Naga Chaitanya directed by Ajay Bhuiyan.


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