Interview with Kollywood super duo Surya-Karthi


Surya and Karthi were in town and we did not miss a chance to meet up with the killer duo for a light chat, here is an excerpt.

So let us begin with you guys telling us about your work in progress. Big brother first?
Surya: Well, I am really looking forward to my movie 7 am Arivu, it surely has something about it.

And Karthi, what about you?

Karthi: The Pongal release, Siruthai, has done well. Being an out an out commercial film I am glad I received a great response.

A personal one but this is for your fans,we hope you don’t mind.What’s doing the rounds of your dinner time talk these days?

Surya: There is so much I can’t really be specific on that one. We really like our dinner time gossips everyone is looking for sometime it has always been there.

Karthi: Hey I like talking to Diya over dinner (Surya’s daughter) .I keep telling her about our cherished memories in Coimbatore during our childhood. I really want to take her on a trip to our native town and show her around.

Aww! that is so sweet. So Surya you are really lucky to have a brother like that,isn’t it big brother ?

Surya: Karthi is always willing to take advice and share his thoughts with me and I share mine too. Appa too is always ready to join in the conversations at times when we are really trying to find a mutual solution as he always has another perspective of seeing things.

Recently some of our mutual friends at the gym were discussing about our movies , they say, We have both taken different routes and are doing very well. It feels so good hearing something like that.

That is wonderful indeed. So Karthi what has been the best piece of advice you received from him?

Karthi: Initially as I suggested Surya about my inclination to do movies he said two words which I still  remember— ‘Change yourself’. I still cherish that moment forever.

Surya which has been your favorite Karthi flick?

Surya : Karthi’s debut Paruthiveeran blew me away, my favorite flick of his is Naan Mahaan Alla because his act in it was very natural.

What about you Karthi?

Karthi : I loved his performance in Vaaranam Aayiram; especially the train sequences, were really fresh and hats off to his expressions.

Anything you would like to tell those who follow your path?

Surya : Keep doing your best and keep learning — that’s what I believe in.
Karthi: Never feel pressured. Since our childhood, we’ve never been pushed into doing anything.

Thank you guys.

The brothers really have a great bonding and respect for each other for sure, we are glad for Kollywood’s super duo. May the Almighty’s blessings keep them together for many more years to come.



  1. Nanbaenda.....Lol

    Nallavangalukku Than Athumathiri Comments Ellam Varum Ithu Mathiri Porampokku Passangaluku Ellam, Kaalla Vizhunthalum Comments Varathu da,,,Intha Comments ARAVIND unnaku Antha Porampokku Passangaluku Illa Ok,,,,LOL

  2. Vasin

    Yaaru enna sonnalum rendu perume good actors; aana nichayama vijay’ko antha rascal Ajith’ko ivunga threat illa; even though Surya is more impressive than both of them. 

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