Interview with Kolaveri composer Anirudh

AnirudhAnirudh Ravichander should probably have a middle name ‘Anirudh Kolaveri Ravichander’, the 21-year-old is responsible for a gluey tune that recently appeared in the Aishwarya Dhanush directorial debut 3. Call it luck or talent the song has become a rage internationally, and is steadily gaining popularity as the days pass by.We caught up with the young gun who shared with us his take on the same.


Hi Anirudh, still soaked in amazement or was it all expected to turn out this way?

I never expected so much love. I am yet to recover from the shocking response. It is unbelievable, surely I expected the local guys to dance to the tune but I am speechless by the sheer amounts who have added my songs to their playlist. You know everybody dreams of writing a great tune, I am so glad it happened so early in my life.

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Precisely but I am trying my best to remain rooted. I have to concentrate on the rest of the album and work harder all this hype will only be there for four-five days.

Tell us did Aishwarya have something specific in mind before you headed to the studio?

It’s surprising how we came up with the tune in six minutes, she told me the situation, and accordingly, I was supposed to deliver a song that highlighted the failure in love. Dhanush liked it too and immediately started humming it to me, just for fun.

So basically the tune came first isn’ it?

Exactly the tune came first. I came up with the tune therafter Dhanush went for it. We were through in about 20 minutes hence but the whole thing was sketched out in just 6 minutes roughly.

In the beginning the vocalist says that it is a soup song, why so?

You know in colloquial Tamil Soup is a word in reference to the guys who go through a failure in their relationship. However the complexity of the language has surely been overshadowed by the catchy tune.

The funny lyrics, has been the soul of the song? Who came up with such a deadly poem?

Poem! Haha, thanks. I really don’t know it just happened. Dhanush was insistent on singing in broken English, he executed it just like a Tamil guy with inadequate knowledge of English, we used the same taste for the rest of the track. The words are a part of daily life. holy cowu, haha.

Sounds good. Your track has a great combination of instruments , Holy cowu!

Oh yes, I wanted to go all out with the debut single.The very ancient south Indian folk rhythm is also something that I worked towards. We recorded it with the folk instruments. Secondly I added in some western instruments like acoustic jazz guitar, etc. again, I added shehnainadaswaram and a saxophone, all of it resulted in a global appeal to the song, hopefully.

Oh yes speaking of global did you watch the video of some Japanese women dancing to your song. Hey, you should surely check that out, there must be many more coming your way.Argentina, Brazila, Chile

Hahaha…..I don’t know how to thank God.I saw it just yesterday.Thanks to Sony Music for marketing the song so aggressively. Moreover, thanks to my team for giving me such a great chance.

We wonder are you from a musical family too?

Not at all. That is why I feel so much more ecstatic about this success. I feel blessed.

That you are, have you always been interested in composing music?

I am really, grateful to God that I could do what I wanted. I was actually part of a band during my school days. Even as a kid, I knew this was what I wanted to do.I have been composing songs since I was 10 to be frank those tunes were really awful. I still listen to them for fun.

Everyone knows that you were part of a TV show where A R Rahman was a judge. How did that happen?

It is surely amongst my best school day memories.When I was in school I had a fusion band and we were the youngest of the lot, when we came to know that he was judging a competition and there was no age limit, we decided to participate in it. Rahman sir has surely been an inseperable part of our lives thanks to the magical 90’s. We won despite the professional competition! I bagged the Best Instrumentalist award from Rahman Sir, thereafter; I thought I had to be more serious about what I was doing.

How was it collecting the award from Rahman Sir?

Amazingly beautiful but hereby Kolaveri has surely taken over the goldspot.

Wonderfully put! So did Rahman Sir listen to your song?

I recorded the song in his studio he liked it very much.

Not bad at all, so you got a chance to record at the famous studio too, what more can one ask for.Do you have any formal training in music throughout these years?

I learnt western classical piano from Trinity College of Music, London and appeared for the exam in Chennai. I have also learnt Carnatic music.


Wow! That is good news so you think your collaboration with Aishwarya has surely exposed you to new avenues?

Definitely! she has known me for many years. I was part of all the songs for her short films.It was a great experience for me. She’s been making short films for fun and had asked me to compose songs, I thought it would be over with the short films but surprisingly I got a call for her first film also.

Must be the great vibes you share,the lyrical content in the song has been criticised by many, anything you want to say about that?

Five or six people will definitely criticize it. All I can say is that I have 80,000 likes and 800 dislikes. I am so happy that the dislikes are in minority! Though it is a song with predominantly local flavours, the lyrics, the simple tune and the instruments I have used made it a success.Thanks to God, the rest of the album has purely melodic tunes.


The statistics speak for themselves as you say, we totally agree. Is the film industry equally excited?

To be frank there is nothing much from the Tamil film industry but I have got a lot of response from the Hindi film industry.


Oh really, so Bollywood’s calling?

Yes, there are a lot of offers. I don’t want to disclose anything currently as nothing is confirmed but right now, I am only concentrating on my first film 3 for the moment.


Thanks Anirudh for a wonderful time, you surely are off to a promising start. Have a great day.


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