Interview with Kavalkaran Director Siddique:

Director SiddiqueDirector of Firends and Sadhu miranda, Siddique is now busy with the upcoming Kaavalkaran an remake of malayalam hit movie Bodyguard , the director Spoke to the media recently after his daughters marriage.

How do you find Working With Vijay in Kavalkaran
I have worked with Vijay for the film Friends. But he was not a mass hero then. Now things have changed and he has a big fan following. However, he hasn’t changed a bit; he is the same sprightly guy. Acting comes to him naturally. Stardom hasn’t affected him and he continues dancing and fighting very well.

About Asin?
I have known her even before she entered the film industry as she also hails from Ernakulam. She rose to this position due to her hard work and planning. She is organised and highly disciplined.

There is a news you have been asked to change script from the original Bodyguard Story as per Vijay’s wish?
Though changes from the original have been done keeping in mind Vijay’s mass hero image, the story thread remains the same. As I am used to working with superstars, I pen the script keeping in mind their image and hence it’s not a difficult task. And so far, none of them have interfered in my script.

What is special in your creations
I try to give my stories a fresh appeal every time by making sure it doesn’t reflect or resemble my earlier scripts. I haven’t adapted other writers’ works so far. I’m not keen to do so because if it is a story by a well-known author, then it might have already created certain visuals in the readers’ mind. If I move away from it and treat it differently, people may find it difficult to accept it.

Do you Still continue writing Stories,who is your best critic?
Creativity lies in writing stories and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I read out all my stories to my family members and gauge their reactions and make changes accordingly. However, I’m my best critic.

Types of books you read
I have been a voracious reader since my childhood. But over the years, I have observed a change in my preferences of books. Now, I’m reading a lot of philosophical books. Also, when I re-read old books, I get a different visual and experience.

What can we expect from Kavalkaran, will it be similar to Sura?
Unlike Vijay’s recent films, there won’t be any hero introduction songs in my flick. You will see a new Vijay in this film; he’ll leave a lasting impression on the minds of audiences with his romantic image. The film is a love story but told in a different way. The other highlight is that the film has music by Vidyasagar. Also, actress Roja is making a comeback with it.

Any Plans for entering into Bollywood?
I will be directing the Hindi version of the film



  1. Anonymous

    We know that nowadays Vijay is not having a good reach to audience by mean of story and satisfaction. This Kavalkaran will be a 100% guaranteed comeback for Vijay. Basically, he desperately need a box office hit as its been long time a hit after Pokkiri. Some more, it is to avoid his identity and trademark in film industry from fading.
    There are many people outside there who are saying that its time for Vijay to stop and Vijay is good for nothing. I don't know why they say so, maybe because they hate Vijay, or jealous with his popularity and reach to the society o even maybe they are fans of Vijay's opponent actors. They are saying that Vijay doesn't know how to act compare to other actor for example Surya. The thing is VIjay haven't received any chance to prove his true identity on acting. Like Surya, his luck make him chosen for good characters. I agree that its Vijay's fault to choose such bad plot in recent movies. i am sure that he realised his mistake, and why dont we people give him a chance to correct it.
    We will see Vijay's rise in this Kavalkaran..
    Vijay the Super Nayagan…


  2. sam

    surelly vijay is back in kavaalkaran…. this is going to be the turning point…. we love you vijay…. choose good directors…. waiting for 3 idiots…….all the best….

  3. Anonymous

    a brief explanation has so valid points and i agree with what you say? however selecting the story is based on hero's creativity, actors are the final decision maker to role the play. So actors like ajith, surya, vikram are playing different role not only because of their luck, apart from that they are showing some creativity in their judgement. Where vijay is lucking is lacking in this story selection. Either he wants to role the remake movie or resemblance to his previous hit, since he wants to be safe to retain his image. But he didnt realise that this think of retaining image will hit him back and forth. Still his selection of movie is in the loop of accepting remake movies. He should be able to increase his skills by acting in some challenging roles where he is prominently needed to act.

    He should act atleast in one movie in his lifetime to show the real acting power. Am so worried about his decision to do 3 idiots, which is the remake again. He is attempting to bring the yet another flop movie though it was the huge success earlier.

  4. vijay fan

    vijay is always the best when compared to other actors like surya, ajith, etc. Vijay s doin these films not n absence of creativity, he does it nly for his fans.
    Nw gonna do hs films for all cinema fans.
    Wat ever said, vijay s an ever green hero

  5. Hash

    vijays previous films prove that he's an accomplished actor.Then he started to follow the footsteps of Rajanikanth.His movies started having a similar pattern(opening song,Dance oriented songs,Fighting to the extreme).Actors like Vikram and Surya are willling to experiment new characters.I think Vijay should stop accepting to make regular type of movies and focus on movies which focus on character roles.He should prove his Critics wrong and come back with a bang.Hope vijay's Kavalkaran will get back his name on the top once again.

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