Interview with Jai on Aval Peyar Tamilarasi

Actor Jai Aval Peyar Tamilarasi

Jai who entered cine industry as Vijay’s brother in 2003 through the film Bhagavathi, is a grooming hero today.Jai is said to have delivered a career best performance in Aval Peyar Tamilarasi, the film which won rave reviews in international film festivals.Jai spoke to the media about Aval Peyar Tamilarasi

When asked about his Close friends in Cine Industry, Jai mentions Simbu is very close to him from the film circles. Whenever they find time, they talk and the major portion of there talk would be centering on films. Apart from this he is very close to Thala Ajith.

Jai Continues” Ajith is such a caring person without any airs. He is very helpful. He is the first one to wish me after Chennai-28’s release. He appreciated my work and said that I have a place in Tamil cinema. He also suggested me to choose the right kind of films. From then on I am in constant touch with him. Ajith is like my Godfather. I wish our association would stay on for ever”.


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