Interview with Easan heroine-Aparna Bajpai


Aparna Bajpai, who is now making her debut with director Sasikumar’s Easan who is directing his second film after the blockbuster, Subramaniapuram, is already garnering all the attention a newcomer can dream of.

We interviewed her, here is an excerpt.

So Aparna tell us about your current project Easan.
“I believe Sasikumar sir saw me in one of the commercials and wanted me for this role in the film. He showed me a particular picture and said that he liked me in that picture. He wanted me to look like that for my role in the film.”

Wow! So what’s your role in this movie?

“I can’t disclose much but all I can tell you is that I play a young girl who is trendy and upbeat. The movie is based on today’s generation and how youngsters today are.”

Have you been in Mumbai for long?

“I’m from Kanpur in UP but I’ve stayed in Mumbai for a long time. I was doing commercials before coming to films. My first commercial was with Aamir Khan for a soft drink,” she begins.

Is it true that you have landed your second movie deal already?

Aparna reveals, “I’m doing another project called Karupampatti. Ajmal plays the lead and both of us have double roles in it. The movie is being directed by Rajaprabhu, who is director Shankar’s associate.”

Congratulations! That’s good to hear.


Are you open for movies in other southern languages too?

“Why not? She zaps.

“I’m open to opportunities from other industries as well but I want to concentrate on one at a time. For instance, if I’m doing Tamil films, I want to make it good over here. You work in different languages, but somehow you lose contacts and you lose touch and then you are not constant. I want to do a steady number of films. So, I want to prove myself first in Tamil cinema.”

It surely is a dream start for the girl. Looks like she surely has a lot to offer, we hope she remains rock steady in her plans and contributes towards cinema irrespective of regional barriers. Great going girl!



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