Interview with Director R K Selvamani

Director R K Selvamani, who had directed the super-hits Pulan Visaaranai, Captain Prabhakaran, and Sembaruthi is not being active for the last 3 years. His last movie was Pulan Visaaranai – II starred Prasanth in the lead role.

Few questions to R K Selvamani:

Reason for your long break:

All my films were based on serious issues. But the trend in films changed after the mid-1990s — songs and comedy became the norm. Most Tamil film makers, started making films using a middle path to the so called safe formula of ‘not too commercial not too serious and artistic’.

As a serious filmmaker, I could not cope up with such a routine, and could neither go with it nor against it. At such a juncture, I worked less, and involved myself in other activities.

I wish to make films with the same conviction.

Many of your films deal with the social issues….

I was born into a family where each one was associated with a political party. As I grew up listening to heated conversations among them, I chose to highlight serious social issues in my films. That was my niche, just as director K. Balachander’s is middle-class families, and Bharathiraja’s, rural themes.

What do you say of the new crop of directors?
It really shows. Today, cinema has become time-pass both for filmmakers and audience.

Future Projects:
Whatever I am today is because I worked with 100% conviction all through my life. So far I’ve done 14 films. Right now, I’m busy with the celebrations of the 40th year of Tamil Nadu Film Directors’ Association, slated tentatively for October 23. I’m planning to take up my next film after the event.

Of all the films you made what is your favorite film?
This is a very difficult question to answer. But I feel that “Pulan Visaaranai”, a Tamil film with Vijayakanth and Sarath Kumar in it, is one of the best films I ever made. In that film, I was really able to voice out my opinion and I was able to say something through that film.


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