Interview with Cheran

Director Cheran
Director Cheran

Cheran has a very candid way of saying things and everyone loves this director’s close to the heart movies. Recently we caught up with the director who has some mammoth ideas under his belt, read on.

Hi, sir it has been a while that you have been playing dual roles, if given a choice what would you opt for acting or directing?

Well, to be really honest acting is easier as with directing there is so much that needs to be taken care of. A little lapse in your concentration may adversely affect your post production stages. So you can imagine acting and directing an all together which is quite a higher level of performing, I quite relate it to a mother delivering twins if you know what I mean..

We agree, with you sir, so you next directorial venture?

There is this movie I have in plan for which I am trying to find a producer, it is concerned with everyone and the feelings they undergo.

Interesting, so any projects as an actor?

Well, I am not a huge actor all I really want is to carve nice stories and equally  compliment roles, it is an extension actually playing the actor the story is what I am really concerned about.

Do you think the box office collections matter to you? Did you think about it when you made Thavamai Thavamirundhu?

As far as cinema is concerned, success at the box office only counts. I am interested in giving a film like Thavamai Thavamirundhu although it earned me a good name it was not successful like Autograph.

Sir you seem to have a preference for movies based on brother-sister relationship you think you will make another on those lines again?

See the movie Paasamalar and Porkaalam were two significant movies I did keep the same idea and I think people remember me for them and I would cherish to make movies with such ideas.

Wow we would love to see it. So a personal question for you, as you know,directors in Kollywood have a dream to direct Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. Do you also share the same feelings?

My movie’s really have less space for big stars as I really can’t afford to put in an investment of Rs 30 to 35 crores. Everyone wants the stars in their movies and so do I. as a matter of fact, I have a story for Rajnikanth it has shades of Mullum Malarum, Aaril Irundhu Aravadhu Varai and Engeyo Ketta Kurae. I can assure you this movie will be cherished for decades to follow by Tamil people and only Rajinikanth knows if he really wants to do this.

Your contemporaries seem to have a competition these days as you play actor and director at the same time.

Haha, it is just my way of expressing what the issue is, I have the acting skills to tell my story, I prefer myself.

Before we conclude anything you want to tell your fans through our portal online?

I will be bringing you Adutha Thalaimurai a movie made keeping in mind the present generation. You should watch it! Thanks.

Wait and watch till then guys. We wish Cheran all the best.


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