Interview with Asin

Well Aisn was in town to shoot for a republic* day Kaavalan special with Vijay on Vijay TV , we caught up with her after the event.


So Asin again in Chennai, how does it feel?

My work and friends pull me back to Chennai. Recently, a couple of interesting projects came my way in Bollywood and so, I agreed to do give them a try. During this period I was offered the chance with Vijay in Kaavalan and I was interested in it and found it to be an exciting venture which excited me.So, I was back here again.

My collaboration with Vijay in Kaavalan is not a mass film like the earlier two that with him. It is a mellow love story and has been a great success story. Incidentally, this film also credits Vijay and me with a hat-trick of hits.

Click here for Kaavalan Stills

Looking back at the choice of projects, have you also had a priority for any languages? You know be it Hindi or Tamil you really have a strong presence felt pan India.

Kollywood is my parent film industry. I was born here and have spent a lot of time as an artist. I really like to take up more Tamil films. There is a great connection with my fans here that I don’t see anywhere. It is like home, my very own. I think I’m very fortunate to have a pan-Indian appeal.

Wow! someone has rightly said home is where the heart is. Still, for one last time, where is your comfort zone a Tamil film or Hindi film?

For me, the project is the criteria its not about the industry, nor the language and nor the money. I don’t have strategies planned out when it comes to deciding the films I work for. I think with my heart and it’s always worked for me. My decisions have always gained me acceptance from different sets of audiences.

So what’s up next on your list?

I’m busy with Ready now. I’m off to Bangkok to shoot for the film, which is expected to hit the screens in May.

We wish you the best for your trip and the shooting .We also hope you keep hitting back Chennai and enjoy the place more than ever. Thanks for the talk.

It was nice talking to you too. Thanks and have a nice day.

* Corrected



  1. vadivelu

    naan thaan firstu asinoda nadippen..ilayaraja, nee nextu thaan..avangalukku ippa padamae illayam..readykku apparum vedi thaan..

  2. asin

    i think if she acts wth u guys ,,,,,, she’ll commit suicide fr sure
    so pls let her live her life . u guys plz stay away & luk into ur own life

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