Ileana on her upcoming projects


Illeana is busy completing her shooting for the upcoming movies.

We had a chat with the beauty , here is an excerpt.

She doesn’t hesitate in putting that extra effort in the studio and asserts “Acting is my passion, so the question of stress or overload doesn’t arise”

How long does it take you to adapt to new roles?
“The roles are divergent, but I was able to handle them with ease as I am now more experienced. Earlier I used to get obsessed with my roles and suffered hangover issues. Now I think I have evolved as an actress,” she quips.

What about your co stars?

Interestingly, she also discovered that her co-stars-NTR Jr and Rana are “two distinct personalities”. “NTR is subdued and pre-occupied with his role, whereas Rana is rocking, jocular and talkative. We had a blast,” she says.

How hard is it to stay on the top of the charts?

“I have no such intentions since I want to relax and enjoy my work, rather than wasting time on number games. I had my share of moments at the top but once you attain it, insecurity gradually creeps in. So, it’s better to give 100 percent to your work and leave the rest to destiny,” she reasons.

She was recently in news for signing a 1.2 crore deal.

You were recently in news for your handsome pay package. Do you have any comments?

“I don’t know, what others are drawing, so I prefer to avoid comparisons. Though I can’t discuss about my remuneration, I am paid, what I deserve,” she says, emphatically.

Did you watch 3 Idiots, what can we expect from you in this one?

“I don’t want to be a copycat of Kareena Kapoor. Inspite of watching the Hindi version twice, I want to do it in my own way without any influence. Every actress has her own distinct style, so I’ll deliver my version,” she points out.

You are working with Shankar and Mahesh Babu, what do you have to say?

“It’s like a double bonanza. When I shared screen space with Mahesh in “Pokiri”, I was shy and subdued but now I think, I’ll have better interaction with him. Working with Shankar is like a dream come true and definitely one of the reasons for me to take up my maiden Tamil film. I was getting Tamil offers, for quite some time, but I think this will be ideal launch vehicle for me,” she avers.

Are you planning to move on and spread your magic in Bollywood ?

“A couple of discussions happened but nothing is fixed. Only a plum offer can beckon me to Bollywood,” she adds with a smile.

“I am superstitious in this regard. Earlier, a couple of offers fell through as I disclosed them before signing on the dotted line, so its like once bitten twice shy,”.

Do you prefer staying single?

“Who said I am single?” she shoots back but later clarifies, “I have enormous family support and I never felt the need for another shoulder to lean on. It’s great being single and independent.”  She concludes

We wish the gorgeous Illeana the best!



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