Harris Jayraj interview on Nanban

Harris Jayaraj
Harris Jayaraj

Music director Harris Jayaraj is thrilled with KO’s Enamo Edho and other songs rocking the charts recently. We caught up with the musical wizard for an interview to know more about Nanban.

Harris congratulations on the success of success of KO. Your fans are crazy about the album. Will you be composing in a similar style from now on?

First of all I would like to say thanks for your compliments. Regarding you question, I would say success or failure of a film doesn’t affect my composing. As I finish a project I am ready to move ahead towards my next project.

You seem to be always busy with projects, at the moment there is  Nanban, 7am Arivu and others. How do you come to know if the songs are really doing well?

Oh , whenever my assistants tell me that the music is doing well that’s the only way I come to know about it. Thanks to my fans for their support they always keep in touch.
Yes, your fans will be happy reading this for sure, could you update a bit on Nanban.

It was a constant decision by me and director Shankar not to use any tunes from the Hindi version. So there will be six new songs in ‘Nanban’, with each one belonging to a different type. Yes, the movie will be having at least six songs and it will be completely fresh and appealing to all audiences.

How has the composing journey been so far, has it been a smooth ride?

Well, honestly speaking it is easy as well as difficult. (haha)


Yes, but you know irrespective of the project I am associated with, I strive to give hundred per cent of my efforts. The Almighty will take care of the rest.

Thank you Harris for spending some time with us, we definitely had a great time .The Almighty will surely bless you with greater success. We will wait for Nanban it will surely be a youth fiesta.

Thank you, I must tell you have a lovely voice.


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