Harris celebrates a perfect 10th year

Harris Jayaraj
Harris Jayaraj

He needs no introduction, with an experience of around 10 years in the industry Harris Jayaraj was recently in news for his inspiring stint at composing two albums both being well received by his fans .Moreover the albums belong to two different languages that being Engeyum Kadhal (EK) in Tamil and Orange in Telugu, read on, our team at Kollytalk had a  chat with the talented Harris Jayaraj.

Your albums have made news, for being released in 2 different languages and they still have the listener charmed. What do you have to say?

Yes! My last album, Aadhavan, was released almost a year back. So, I was praying that I have at least one release this year. I worked hard on both EK and Orange and I’m happy these albums are topping the charts. A lot of people have told me they love the music.

You seem to create magic in no time, how do you maintain this consistency?

I work from my heart. I’m very choosy about who I work with and whether the script has musical value. My success is due to 50 per cent hard work and 50 per cent God’s grace.

What was your approach for Engeyum Kaadhal, which is your personal favourite in the album?

First and foremost, the rapport between Prabhu Deva and me was terrific. I took up the assignment only after coming to know him better. The visuals for the songs are awesome and are in sync with the romantic theme of the film. Prabhu has done full justice to my music. The audio label tells me that Nenjil Nenjil… is turning out to be the hit number, though my personal favourites are Thee Illai… and the title song, in which Prabhu Deva appears in a cameo dance performance. For Nangaai, a Michael Jackson type fusion song was composed, I have used south Indian instruments and the director has employed 40 French dancers. It will definitely be a hit.

This year has been your 10th year in the industry, how has the journey from Minnale to Engeyum Kaadhal   ?

I’m really hoping that they release the film for this Christmas. This year’s been a nostalgic one for me. In fact, as a mark of love for Minnale, the film that made me, I have used the word ‘maama‘ again in the song Nangaai… in EK.

Tell us about your collaboration in Ko?

K V Anand and I are coming together after Ayan. The audio is likely to be launched in December. The music is completely different; young and energetic. Bombay Jayashree has sung a soothing, melodious solo number, Munpaniya….

7am Arivu must be keeping you busy…

I have already composed three out of the six songs in the album. I’ll be composing a Chinese song using sounds dating back to 2,000 years; it will be sung by a leading Chinese singer.

What about your contribution to Shankar’s upcoming release?

Shankar is a director who understands film music and its importance in storytelling. I would call the film as Gentleman — Part 2, as it is about the educational system. I have already given Shankar one song; a mass number, which is equivalent to All Is Well  .

“Harris we hope ‘All is Well’ for your upcoming projects.”



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