Hands UP – With Surya

Watch Hands Up With Surya, Sudheesh Kamth the host of the show calls this episode as season finale.And the show is expected to continue from August,

It ended on a rather sober note but we will be back in August with the usual dose of irreverence twitted Sudheesh

In the Show Singam Surya shares his most embrassing moment one such is when in the star had flicked a Watch from a showroom in Singapore and was forced by father Sivakumar to place it back. And his first speech at a college cultural introduction in front of a group of girls.

Surya who started with a monthly salary of Rs 700 does not disclose his pay, but says he is paid more than what he expects.

More watch the video.



  1. Anonymous

    awww…i love surya being shyyy….he is sooo sweeeeeeeeettttt!!! This is why we call surya and jo the freakin besttttt pairrrrrr!!! LOVE U BOTH DEAR!!!

  2. Anonymous

    surya is hte best i love him he is so fittt aswell and i agree surya and jo is the best couple jo is so ucky luv u guys xxx

  3. Anonymous

    the interviewer is annoying… stop saying "ok ok ok" grr.. Surya… awww adorable.. he is shy.. awww.. cho chweeeet…i love u suryaa

  4. Anonymous

    The interviewer is being unfair askin question but not givin enough time for surya to answer those… better ndtv change him or ask him to wait until somebody finishes their response…

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