GV Prakash on a roll

GV Prakash on a roll

GV Prakash on a roll

Loaded with movies GV Prakash has no time to waste. Walking talking and sleeping, music has been his daily routine. Well, he has already got some plum projects under his belt, thanks to Bala, Vetri Maaran, Selvaraghavan, Vijay and of course, our very own legendary Bharathiraja. GV is looking forward to his next biggie Mayakkam Enna, which is scheduled to release this Friday. We are glad that he took out time to share a bit on his upcoming venture with us at his studio.

GV you look relaxed, what’s on your mind?

Some great tunes, I was just singing in the morning.

We know what it means for you to spend half an hour chatting but the most awesome fact remains that in just less than half an hour you completed the songs for the movie, is it?

Haha, what you heard is correct. Selva and Dhanush really grasp things in a jiffy. Moreover they were the ones who wasted no time bringing me the lyrics, kudos to them. My work was to just compose tunes for those lyrics.

Amazing, would you love to share some golden rules for the young ones?

Nothing like that. But yeah it’s my mom that I look up to. She is the must sought after critic for my albums. I am so lucky to have her tell me things I sometimes overlook.

She must be so happy reading this! What’s her pick from the album?

In Mayakkam Enna, well… she really likes Voda Voda.

Wow! Mayakkam Enna, we have been so curious to know more about the same, what do you want to tell your fans about it?

Mayakkam surely has a good vibe to it. I have tried to incorporate orchestration in my music. My music has shades of woodwinds in sections. Hmmm …and… I won’t give away more on that. Hahaha…

Your fans await the melodies restlessly. Other than that one thing that has been haunting many is the fact that, with so much great talent at your disposal why you chose the brothers for the entire album?

As I told you it is all about the energy I get from working with the duo. However, the lifestyle of the future generation has been the core of the movie! I was in search of the voice that would connect with the common man and his emotions are of prime importance to me; thanks to them they were more than ready to extend their support.


Great!, so any of your personal picks from the movie?

I like Voda Voda.


Naan Sonnadhum Mazhai Vandhudichu too

We are sure to check it out soon; we hope you keep making Kollywood happy with exploding chartbusters to follow, thank you for your time GV.


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