Get set for kural competition says Udhaya of Ra Ra

Udhaya and Shwetha Prasad
Udhaya and Shwetha Prasad

Are you guys ready for a Thirukural competition,well you should be, you know there some grand prizes to be won and you bet they are worth the fight. We recently got updates from our close sources working alongside the unit of Ra Ra .They tell us the crew intends to conduct a Kural recitation contest very soon. You still won’t believe us, alright here! we spoke to Udhaya who is also the brother of well known director Vijay, who plays a pivotal role in the movie alongside Shwetha Basu Prasad in Ra Ra. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Is it true that your crew is in plans to conduct a Kural recitation contest very soon Udhaya?

Yes, we are definitely looking forward to it as a part of the promotions for the movie, we surely will be rewarding the deserving as the one who can recite the most number of kurals will grab some cool prizes, guys and girls look forward to it will be fun. We will be taking off with the promotions very soon as almost 90% of the movie is complete. All you need to do is recite as many kurals as you can from memory. Isn’t that easy?

It should be we are surely going to enter the contest but we have been thinking about the Ra Ra and kural connection lately?

Oh well, the Kurals are part of our precious literature; it is time we realized that. Our movie is all about having fun but we also have a bit of emphasis on the kurals. You will notice that we are really aiming to create awareness amongst the audience. You know you could easily get the hang of  around 15 kurals at least watching the movie isn’t that awesome?

That is so adorable we really like what you are doing for Tamil literature, it is precious for sure. So as you tell us your movie will leave the funny bone in us tickling for a while isn’t it?

Haha, definitely, we don’t mean to say it is a boring movie by mentioning about the kurals, you know it is an out an out entertainer you must surely watch it, don’t miss it.Thanks

Thank you Udhaya

Superb contribution, but why does Udhaya think we thought the kurals are boring apparently they surely will add to the fun if they suit the movie’s theme and don’t stick out like a sore thumb in the script isn’t it kollytalkers?


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