Gautham Menon has no worries thanks to his tactful planning

Gautham Menon
Gautham Menon

We speak to Gautham Menon in reference to the comments from our readers on his release Nadunisi Naaygal; he had quite interesting answers to the questions that we took up as an extension to the on going discussion on our site. Here is Gautham Menon exclusively for you kollytalkers.
Hi Gautham after our movie review your fans and readers have responded with mixed reactions? What do you have to say about this was it expected since you have done something that has been a little offbeat ?

I really can’t give you reasons why some people did not like it but I am really humbled by the response at the theatres. All throughout I knew the movie is really going to have a mixed release post release yes in a way it was expected. I apologize to the rest of them for not liking it.

You know , the readers were really expecting something more commercial and romantic maybe like your earlier ventures according to them they have been let down they say.

As I told you already 50 per cent of the audiences maybe did not like my idea, but there is always the other 50 who are connecting to it. As a director I need to challenge my self doing different genres.

Could you enlighten us about the different approaches that you took in making the movies?

The script of VTV had seven songs and situations were planned in accordance. Though in NN, there were no songs in it or background music, so everything was much based on the reactions even the shot composition. The approach has been more organic this time around.

You would say a much spontaneous approach to sum it up.


We have a group of women who really could not digest the scenes in your movie; explicit is what they described it as.

Really? That is surprising!

Again I would just like to mention that many working in the NGO’s on behalf of raising awareness regarding issues much associated to my theme have come ahead to congratulate me for making an effort to highlight child abuse .I think everything was handled with respect to the aesthetics that the scenes demanded.Everyone has their personal view after all.

Coming to Veera and his relationship with Meenakshi, it was really surprising that she did not seek the help of a psychologist?

Good question, Meenakshi Amma is really in no position to seek help as she suffers in deep trauma. If you notice carefully I have tried to establish sea on one side of the bungalow and there are no houses on the other. This particular incident is a reflection of a real incident and has been taken from a doctor’s file .Such things happen and it is just documentation.

When could we see your next project?

I’m just starting to write my next script for a Tamil film that I will start in July.
Anything you would like to say to your fans before we conclude sir?

Well, I will like to tell the audience that all I am trying to do is push myself as a filmmaker with challenging genres at hand. Yes, it may be a dark and disturbing film.

It’s a contrast to all my earlier films in every sense. I am trying to find a place away from my previous styles.

Tamil cinema should witness a new age in filmmaking, it maybe a dark movie to many but I am open to criticism.

I totally stand by this film with a lot of conviction one piece of advice before you go don’t expect to walk out loving the movie unless you are looking forward to this genre in specific. I am trying my best to create an experience, and the best part of the movie is the last frame.

Please encourage young filmmakers by watching the movie I really want to encourage them in taking a fearless approach to filmmaking and tell good stories. Thank You.

For the facts the movie has been made on a small budget and cannot incur loss in any way. Gautham doesn’t have much too loose with the negative outpour of a selected few as he can very easily overcome any losses if he may come across one.

Vijay TV has come forward to purchase it at Rs. 1.90 crores and a release in Telugu will fetch him 2 crores more on close analysis at least 3 times more than the actual budget the movie was made on.

Way to go Gautham you surely know your accounts well.

Gautham thanks for a great experience. Thumbs up! for your efforts, we will have to see if it goes down really well with the rural centers as they urban centers in the city are leading for now on viewership.



  1. kiki

    The Kollywood Management
    Sir first of all thanks for behaving responsibly to the society.

    Thanks for talking to Gautham Menon
    We like gautham more than Shankar and Mani but his change of style should be good not influencing badly.

    There may be exceotionally bad fellows Psychos in the world in a corner, but we should not generalize and show to everybody then it affects the whole society.
    Directors have greater responisbility in society to say good, hnot to highlight the excetptional bads.

    I hope you will tell gautham this point too.

    We want from him films like Kaka Kaka and Minnale, not like Nadunisi naygal.
    if he wants change let him change his ideas of film making which are good, people like Ameer and bala sir there for example.

    We wish Gautham to make good healthier films in teh futre.
    We also wish Kollytalk to act responsibly.

    Congratulations to Kollytalk.

    Kishore Krishnan  ( KIKi)

  2. manja kaattu myna yuvan-fan

    Sir Kolly wood sir ask Gautham when is he going to join with our Music Super star Yuvan Shankar Raja

    Please ask this question also ? please please, today world level la Yuvan fans thaan jassthi, neenga yuvan Isai raja Paathingalaa ?

  3. Kaviyarasi

    Sir thank you for taking our feelings and expressions to gautham Sir, we appreciate  and welcome Kollytalk for its efforts !

  4. GM-fan

    superb try… keep going gowtham n don’t care about these kind of audiences… audience should accept everything that comes in the way and NN is the best flick in that way…

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