Gautham Menon has an observant fan base

Gautham Menon
Gautham Menon

Recently one of our close sources was lucky enough to get a chance to ask Gautham Menon some questions during a college fest that took place inside an all girl campus; this is what he had to say in response.

What do you think is the formula for love?

Well, I believe love is a feeling that hits you and leaves you floored.

At this, the crowd was floored for sure and all of them lapped it up and applauded him for his candid reply. By this time the audience had the next question ready. Which was …

Why is there a preference for white homes for all your heroes in the movie?Any particular reason Sir?

There is something I will like to share with all of you. You know lately, I have been meeting many friends and fans alike who love to discuss movies with me .I realize that I am blessed with an audience that observes my movies very carefully. To be honest, I have no clue why those walls wear always white.

With gleeful smile he adds,

All I can say is next time onwards I will ensure that my hero’s homes are some other but definitely not white.

As the event was coming to a close a girl was happy to thank him for his contributions, this is what she had to say before the talk concluded on a good note.

Guatham Sir I would like to thank you for having portrayed women in a very dignified manner in your movies.

Thank you for that compliment . Actually looking back at my past I owe it to my mother and sister. During Kaakha Kaakha, the Thoothu Varumaa song was insisted by my producer¬† .To tell you the truth it did not go well with my mom who saw it and immediately had a bad look on her face.Well, there onwards, I decided not to have any such songs in my film and I haven’t tried for such gimmicks so far.Hopefully it will stay the same in the coming times. Thank you.

As he bid adieu to his female fans and signed off few autographs we can tell you for sure he is blessed with lady luck shining bright by his side.

We wish him the best for his future endeavors.


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  1. LBK

    I know this guy from the college……this is all his setup…….First he doest know to read tamil….than who is writing the dialogues….its all paid….this is the truth..

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