Divya Spandana on the ban imposed by KFCC

 Divya Spandana
Divya Spandana

Divya Spandana had a bad day on Tuesday when news arrived that The Kannada Film Producers’ Association boycotted her as she did not attend the promotional event of her forthcoming film ‘Dandam Dashagunam’ a Kannada remake of Kaakha Kaakha produced by Ganesh  also the KFCC general secretary.

According to industry insiders he took a loan of Rs 10 lakh from Divya to complete the movie and delayed to repay an amount of Rs 3.7 lakh. Divya was surely annoyed and her actions have left bitterness in her professional relations the reason she apparently did not turn up for the promised promotional of the movie.

Recently the Artistes’ Association on the contrary decided to impose a ban on producer Ganesh and only give him a free chit till he apologizes back. On the other hand Basant Kumar Patil, president of the KFCC even came forward to announce that from Tuesday onwards producers should stay out signing her for a year.

We decided it is better to have a talk with Divya herself to know what she had to say .Here it is straight from the horse’s mouth.

Hi Divya , we are hearing rumors that you are leaving the industry soon .Is it bye to Sandalwood finally?

Certainly no doubt about that decision, I won’t be continuing here.

Is it true that there is a ban on you by KFCC ?

I had quit Sandalwood and banning makes the case an illogical affair. I just want my money back from Mr. Ganesh. I still haven’t received any warning or complaint in written yet from KFCC, whatever the verdict is, my decision is final and I plan to stick to it.

That is a shocker for your Sandalwood fans ma’am. So did you promise you would attend the audio release of Dhandam Dashagunam and later decide not to go for it?

You know I helped Ganesh when financially loaning him Rs 10 lakh and he had promised to return me the amount in just 2 months. Although I received 4.5 lakhs and that too from another producer Muni Ratna my doubts came true as I kept waiting for the balance money. I thought it was better to give the money back and receive the full amount. That is the very reason I didn’t go for the audio release.
That is totally justified. Do you think Mr. Ganesh has been tarnishing your image in the public eye?

Isn’t it clear he is using my name to generated negative publicity? That is all he needs now he thinks the movie will succeed and any publicity is good publicity. I’m honest about my professional commitments and don’t hesitate to question the order if I think something is fishy and cluttered. As you know honesty always comes with its share of problems in the industry.

That’s true but please don’t lose hope after all there is The Artist’s Association backing you everything will be alright. Before we conclude we would love to know about your next plan Divya.

Thank you, I appreciate your support. but I would prefer to tell you about my plans when the right time arrives.

As you say ma’am. Thank you for your time.We hope everything turns out for the good.


Divya is certainly on the right side of the wave. Such directors should look more into polishing their skills and stay away from remaking Tamil movies and expect to do well without wasting time at publicity stunts don’t you think?

We hope Divya gets the rest of her money back.


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  1. Aravind

    So sad for a good hearted gal like u……Tamilagam vantharium vala vaikum…….u have both beauty and talent…surely u would get good offers….dont worry baby….love uuuuuu

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