Divya Parameshwaran enters Kollywood


You have seen this beauty on TV some minutes back and wondered who it was, your search comes to an end this moment. Divya Parameshwaran is the face of so many advertisements these days that it is hard miss her presence on TV. The gorgeous has climbed the ladder and you will now see her in the Tamil debut Ponnar-Shankar based on Ponnar Shankar by M. Karunanidhi.

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Hi Divya after doing so many commercials you must be thinking of movies as just an extension, now that you are in for a period drama how do you feel?

Debuting in Kollywood and that too with a period drama was never thought of. To be honest a career in films was never planned. It is just my nature to be open for projects that look challenging and interesting at the same time. I have a very good comfort level be it Tamil, Chennai is like home and I have a blast always working here.

So you mean movies were not a preference for you at all?

Not really I was already approached for some movies but they had nothing exciting in them as for Ponnar-Shankar it is a gem of a movie .Saying no to this movie would be foolish for any actress.
So tells us how it all started when did you get the call?

An ad agency in Mumbai had informed me about Thiagarajan Sir the director of the project who was planning to meet me. Luckily I was in Chennai. It all happened very quickly as we decided to work together on the project.

Pooja Chopra is also a part of your movie. Considering it to be your debut did you think it was risky sharing onscreen space with a co actress?

I really don’t want to play games in the industry, I am here for the love and passion for the movie everything else is secondary. Pooja Chopra was awesome company throughout nevertheless she was good company during the long hectic schedules. We share a common link as she too is debuting .We could tell each other about our experiences on the shoots and grow together discussing the takes.

Wow, that is the spirit. You seem to enjoy it with a great heart.So Divya what is your role in the movie?

I play a princess and Ponnar’s love interest.

How was the experience with your co-stars?

Prashanth was a live wire on the sets and he was there for all the fun. Thanks to Director Thiagarajan and Prashanth who looked into every detail from the moment we set off.What can I say about the experienced artists like Nasser, Khushbu, Jayaram and Sneha .They weaved their magic and there was so much I could take back just having a look at their performance on the sets.
One more before we conclude, is it a bye to television now?

No way! Commercials are interesting in their own way and I also loved the fact of aiming to convey a point within the allotted 20-30 seconds. It’s a different challenge in itself conveying few expressions in limited time. I would enjoy coming back to Chennai more though and keep the movie happening too. Who knows what’s next?

We will love to see your performance on screen Divya thanks for your super interview off screen.

Haha, Thanks.



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