Director Hari is content with B and C centres

Director HariDirector Hari had his heart in his mouth when recently Venghai, starring Dhanush, ran into title trouble, he is now quite relieved that it has been cleared and is releasing this Friday. The commercial filmmaker is already geared up for his next project.We talk to him about his future ventures this is what he had to say.

Sir could you brief a bit about Venghai?

Venghai is a family entertainer with loads of action and humor.

What do you have to say about Dhanush’s role in the movie?

Unlike my earlier movies, where Dhanush has been portrayed as a carefree youth, here he will play a disciplined son and an angry young man. He cleverly plans his moves . The combo scenes between Dhanush and Raj Kiran (who plays his dad)will be the highlight of the film.

And what about the other co-stars sir in Venghai?

The movie has been shot extensively against the backdrop of Sivaganga and Tiruchi districts. The first half of the film depicts the confrontations between Prakash Raj and Dhanush and is shot in a lighter vein, sprinkled with the former’s usual antics. Tamannah plays a homely girl and has been given a solid amount of footage where she could showcase her acting skills.

Moving on to your other projects, could tell us a bit about Surya’s role in your next venture?

Surya, will play a completely contrasting character, of a local village youth in my movie.

So do you like your heroes taking real life risks during stunt scenes?

Well, both Surya and Vikram refused to take a body double during action scenes, although I insist for a double for their safety. Especially Surya, he is two hundred per cent dedicated and prefers doing his stunt scenes himself. He would even rehearse for two to three days prior to the shoots to perfect himself for the required fight sequence.

Sir, Tamil filmmakers are consciously making their presence felt at the national as well as the international level, but you love to choose making films aimed at the B and C centers. Any specific reason?

All I can say is if my producer makes money then it is my State award. If he/she calls and gives me a movie for the second time, then I would gladly consider it as my National award. If I get to work with them for the 3rd time, than it’s like getting the Oscar Award. Haha. Thank You.

Thank you sir for the interview, our best wishes for Venghai.



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