Dhanush speaks on Kolaveri interview

Dhanush speaks on Kolaveri interview

Kolaveri is already synonymous with namma Dhanush in the studio singing away in effortless glory, you surely had your kodak moment post a listen to that quirky song yesterday.Well, post acting in numerous successful films and singing some songs that have become chartbusters overnight now Dhanush has another reason to smile. News is that, the Superstar’s son-in-law will don the director’s cap soon. But Mind it! this time it’s gonna be Bollywood for a change.Ahaa! you heard it right, brother Selvaraghavan has competition. Dhanush himself has confirmed the news earlier and now there is news that his upcoming directorial project will be a fantasy adventure.

Back to the viral song and it’s rising popularity. For the records Kolaveri di has completed over two million hits on the internet .We spoke to the singer, lyricist and national award-winning actor, here is an excerpt, Dhanush on the other hand is placid about the response.His message to the maniacs being

–          “It’s meant to be fun.You should not attach too much importance to it.”

Why this kolaveri kolaveri di? Dhanush we are struck by the kolaveri fever, is there a cure?

No medicines available as of now, atleast not with me, haha.

Haha, we were just looking back and wondering that of the four songs you sang Kolaveri has undeniabily been the chart topper. The nation is crazy and you are responsible for all the mad men around, what do you think connected the audience?

Well, I am glad that many went berserk, haha. Well, the song is about ‘being dumped’ and surely many of them must have gone through this experience. The lyrics and the language are also the USP of the song.

And of course the song has such a positive vibe to it.

Oh yes,  the song is funny and hopefully easy to understand, maybe that is why it reached out to so fast. It is magical!

Magical indeed, well and for those who could not get what Kolaveri Di means, would you like to elaborate a bit on that?

Kolaveri Di in common terms means ‘Murderous Rage’. Although the song expresses ‘Why did you do this to me?’ through the way it is sung.Poetic license as they say, haha.It is about a guy who is drunk and is singing about his lost love.The situation demanded the lines to be really funny. I did not think very hard, it just came to me.

 So was it the tune first or the lyrics?

Words just came to me during the recording maybe it was the tune first or was it?.Anyhow, nothing was planned. To be frank we did not even have the lyrics written on paper. Now I remember, we finished with the tune and then the lyrics. I really liked the tune, and asked them to hand me the microphone as I sang with the flow of the tune and the lyrics just came.

Wow! Improvisation on the go, as you mentioned the usp for the song is broken English in a local accent, was it a delibrate attempt to make it stand out from the crowd ?

Of course we were aiming for a really funny theme and something that would catch everyone’s attention .Bingo!  Tanglish came to the rescue.

Critics say you have made fun of Tamil?

Critics can have their say but the fact is my song has connected with the massess I am doing my job as an entertainer and so are they.

Some also say that the loud laugh in the song had shades of the old Rajinikanth?

Oh, kindly don’t insult Rajinikanth. No comparisons and no comments at all. Please.

Maybe it is the work of your rivals but news is that the song has racist overtones. 

Really? I myself have a dark complexion if you noticed. I wonder why I would make such a suicdal statement like that. A song can be interpreted in many ways, all that I can say is it is not meant to offend anyone, I only wanted to spread some fun. Still if anyone is determined to see the negative side of things then I think they need to rewire their brains.

Well said, it is surely a song meant for pure entertainment, some people are always jobless.


Social networking sites are overloaded with the songs we also have our friends across the border singing the song.What do you think of the reactions?

What more would I want. I am elated. I am trying to soak in the once-in-a-blue moon experience. Besides this, I surely come a long way and am really enjoying every bit of it.To me, every compliment is important and to be very honest, I don’t have a formula for a song.I am thankful about the blessings.How did it happen? I myself don’t know how, so I cannot explain that part.

We are going steer away from torturing you like that, although it so fun. Moondru (3) is rumoured to be the remake of the yesterear superhit Moondru Mugam. Do you think being Rajinikanth’s son-in-law helps in the industry? 

I have always been associated with him and I really don’t deserve to be compared with someone of his stature, nevertheless, it has its advantages and disadvantages for sure. But I have forgotten about the tag and moved on. I would like to clarify that the upcoming movie is an original concept and Aishwarya has plans of remaking it in Hindi too.

Lovely! that was a pleasant surprise for your fans, looks like Bollywood is calling namma star?

Well, my passion has always been direction, by next year, I want to start directing my maiden venture in Hindi. I think I am near to my dream of directing a film in Hindi. For the moment we are working on the script and I am back to doing homework.

We are sure it will break all records just like the song did, how is Aishwarya ?

Overwhelmed! she is indeed a lucky woman to get such a kickstart for her debut film. We are so thrilled.

So are we Dhanush, hope to catch the movie soon, we are sure your Bollywood entry will be an eye opener to those who have missed out on the national award winners talent.Thank you for your time


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