Dhanush on why he doesn’t enjoy photo shoots – Interview


Dhanush is enjoying his season in Kollywood. We got up close with the actor whose is putting up in South Africa of late. Here is an excerpt from the interview where he talks about things close to his heart and tells us why he just loves hearing start! Camera! Action!


Hi Dhanush, you know we thought it would be nice to inform you right away that we don’t have any questions on Kolaveri for you.


Haha, glad to know that, I think we are ready to move on to something new again.


Yes indeed, to start of we would like you to tell us, when did this Kollywood superstar decide, acting was what he wanted to do.



Although movies and the film making have never been an alien concept to me it was never easy as some would think it to be. At the end of the day it was about achieving recognition amongst fans it was definitely worth the struggle. And of course I would say the process was much comfortable as I was already familiar on the whole picture.


You are lucky to have a family that is so supportive.


My family is one of the most precious things I have. They are my stress buster after a hard day’s work. They know how to keep me grounded and let’s just say that they are my everything. I like unwinding with comedy movies when I am home.



Your next movie as we read from your post will be with Bharatbala under Aascar films and with Oscar winner AR Rahman’s s music.


Very true, Bharatbala’s full fledged directorial venture is a bilingual named The 19th Step.It is based on the ancient martial art form of Kerala that was taken to Japan. Then there is Chimbudevan’s fantasy film. It’s a hilarious subject and something that I have not done earlier.


Your close friends mentioned you are not fond of photo shoots, true?


In front of the still camera I find that I’m not able to emote very well which is not the case once you switch on the movie camera. It just feels so different.



Well, no wonder you don’t enjoy photo shoots. You look fabulous in front of the movie camera and that is all your friends care. What do you think keeps your fans hungry?


That is a tough one to answer and I think that anyone who can make you laugh has a great gift from the almighty.



A message for your fans please, they are waiting for your acknowledgement.


Love is one emotion that’s very powerful and I’ve seen that it helps to sustain relationships too, realize that this makes the world a better place.



Wow! We shall wrap this one, on that beautiful note. Let the good times keep rolling for you and your fans Dhanush.  Cya.


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